JDN Photography Canada

Jan’s focus is on worldwide architecture, landscape and nature produced in various formats and sizes to suit every client and their interior decor needs.

JDN Photography Canada offers our fine art photography on beautiful travertine or tumbled marble tiles. These durable tiles will last for years if handled like any piece of fine art. These tiles will exhibit minor pits and bumps on the surface due to the nature of the tile, however these imperfections are what makes each tile unique with the images we display on them. We currently offer two sizes 9”x 18”or 8”x 16” with the option of a wire hangar on the back of the tile or a hand crafted wooden stand.


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Architectural Black And White Boat & Ship Fine Art Landscape Leisure Lifestyle Nature Nude People Portrait Travel Commercial Pregnancy Studio Lingerie/swimwear


Studio facilities are available.

Portrait, Family, Pregnancy, Headshots and Classic B&W sensual or
nude photography is done at either the client's place or at the
comfort of our studio.

Camera equipment - 5D MKII and 5D MKIII
Lenses - Canon and Sigma

Commercial Photography - Architecture, structural

Printing, mount and frame facility - on site

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