Iain Winfield

I am a journalist and a photographer. I therefore understand what makes a good editorial picture.

My speciality is in high street business shots. Let me explain. I have worked as a journalist and sub editor for several business newspapers, magazines and websites. I am always being frustrated by the lack of decent pictures of high street stores, banks, government buildings, etc. So, one day when I was hunting for a picture of a bank for an article, I gave up and went out to take the pictures I needed myself. Since then I have discovered many other sub editors and designers who have noticed a lack of these pictures.

In my line of work I have also been called on to take pictures at conferences, awards ceremonies, seminars and press conferences.

Greater London

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Business Editorial Photojournalism Event News PR

Recent Clients

  1. Accountancy Age (trade magazine, UK)
  2. Insider Business (web seminar producer, UK)
  3. Legal Week (trade magazine, UK)


Portfolios of example work from Iain Winfield: