PhotoGraphic Artistry

Fine Art Photography, Florals, Landscapes, Conceptual

Seeing: At the most basic, yet important level, what I do as a photographer and artist is ¡¥see¡¦.

There are times when a keen sense of presence and beauty invades me. I notice details, patterns, edges, contrast, or intense color; subtleties that at other times loiter as meaningless trivia, or just another span of dirt and thorns.

Flowers, faces, construction, landscapes. Anything! We become so accustomed to the images in our minds that we hardly look at our surroundings (including individuals) anymore. But we, and all that is around us, are God¡¦s creation, unique and amazing. I want to be a guide, encouraging people to open their eyes and to see deeply.

United States

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Recent Clients

  1. St. Josephs/Barrows Neurological Institute, Phoenix, Arizona
  2. American Sport Art Museum and Archives permanent collection
  3. Eller Graduate School of Management, University of Arizona, Permanent Collection,
  4. Mr. William Wolf, Attorney at Law
  5. Dr. and Mrs. Robert Fortune and Fortune Vein Clinic


  1. Gammage Auditorium, Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ
  2. Scottsdale Public Art Programs
  3. Off Madison Ave Advertsing Agency, Tempe, AZ
  4. Tension and Release Curated by Jinchul Kim, Art Institute and Gallery, Salisbury, Maryland,
  5. 2002 Arizona Resident Award in Small Monochrome Division, Arizona State Fair