Oakes Studios Ltd

Full time professional photographer.
Creative Commercial Photographer.
over 25 years freelance experience.
Enthusiastic personable and approachable.
Stylish and eye catching memorable and meaningful images.

Public Relations, Corporate , Architectural , Industrial , Editorial , Fashion , Hair ,Portrait , Lifestyle,
Advertising , Press , Portfolio . All undertaken with confidence and professionalism.

We'll shoot anything on Site...or in the Studio.

United Kingdom

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Studio facilities are available.

i have access to both large and small studios.
one is ground floor - but not drive in.
the others are not ground floor but are ideal for both
people and product photography.

We aim to give you a studio to meet your brief and style of shoot.
from 3000square feet to small rooms with simple backgrounds.

We'll shoot anything on Site...or in the Studio.

Recent Clients

  1. Nat West Bank.
  2. Starbucks
  3. Disney
  4. Warburtons
  5. M&C Saatchi.