George Cousins Photography

After the usual Box Brownie and V.P Kodak, I started 35mm color when I went to the Arctic in 1953.With a friend's crash course ,and the loan of his spare camera,I spent 3 years all over Arctic and sub-Arctic Canada using Kodachrome ASA10 film.I found my first Exakta SLR in 1954, my second in 1958, and still have that one.I scanned my 6,000-odd slides in 2004 with a Canoscan 4000US scanner.In the 50's and early 60's I wrote technical articles and assignments for 5 magazines,mostly using my own photos as illustrations. Starting a computer company sidelined all that,but I still shot images all over Canada,some States and some Caribbean. Digital grabbed me in 1995, and I now have thousands of images of Canada which I hope will be useful and enjoyed.

British Columbia

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