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I am Fine Artist ie. oil painting and graphic arts who now uses photography, poetry, writing and digital art as my mediums of expression. As a young painter my work was exhibited in Madison Square Garden Sports Complex in New York City. Im also an environmental activist/conservationist who is fairly well read in world history, nature and the arts ect. The United Nations has used my images in publication and the only picture I ever sent in to National Geographic Best Shots of The Day was immediately selected by the editor to appear on their site. Im particulary interested in nature, architecture, the arts, history and most importantly eco system conservation throughout the world. Art is my religion and I see our fascinating world as a sacred entity. I have over 14,000 images online.

Chiang Khan

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Ancient Civilization Antiquities Archaeology Architectural Children/baby Dance Festival Fine Art Flower & Plant Insect Landscape Nature People Religion Wildlife Macro Night Abstract

Recent Clients

  1. the united nations
  2. solday productions
  3. Los Angeles Zoo USA


  1. national geographic magazine best shots feb. 9th 2010


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