Cathy-Louise & Eugene Troskie Photography

Eugene and Cathy-Louise Troskie have more than twenty years experience in photography between them. They have been doing commercial wildlife photography for the past six years. Eugene started doing photography at the age of eight years old. We have sold many wildlife images internationally and have images in most of the major countries around the world. We travel all over Southern Africa in search of good photographic material. African Wildlife, photography and traveling is our passion.

South Africa

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Recent Clients

  1. Felecity Wright
  2. Tokkie Brink
  3. Tinus Schutte
  4. Levubu Private School
  5. Carlin Naude


  1. Winner of the Getaway Magazine Annual Wildlife Gallery Competition 2010
  2. 6'th Best Wildlife Image Internationally in the 2010 POTY Awards
  3. Published numerous times in the Getaway Magazine
  4. Photographs Published in Wildlife Books


Portfolios of example work from Cathy-Louise & Eugene Troskie Photography: