Duncan Grove Photography

Duncan Grove FRPS lives and works in Wimbledon, SW London and is a passionate photographer who uses the very best equipment.

A Fellow of The Royal Photographic Society, Duncan's images are regularly exhibited internationally. They have also been used as book and magazine covers. Duncan also contributes articles to major photography magazines.

Duncan's photographic activities include:- Accredited photographer Wimbledon Tennis Championships, University Boat Race etc; Official Photographer ROWE British Squash Grand Prix, Lead Photographer Professional Jeweller Magazine's Hot 100 party etc.

Photography is not the only means of putting food on Duncan's table but does feed his passion - he is always receptive to interesting new assignment

Greater London

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Recent Clients

  1. Int. Tennis Magazine (dps & multiple images) 09/2011
  2. int..SPORTgroup/Manchester City Council - 09/2011
  3. Professional Jeweller Magazine
  4. Cap Estel Hotel Cotes d'Azure (THE hote in the worldl!)
  5. L’étudiant Magazine (Cover) 08/2011


  1. Fellow of The Royal Photographic Society (FRPS)
  2. RPS Int Print Exhibition (Three years)
  3. RPS Int Proj Images Exhibition (four years)
  4. Trienenberg (multiple)
  5. Al Thani (multiple)


Portfolios of example work from Duncan Grove Photography: