Lorraine A. DarConte Photography

Lorraine DarConte has been part of the photographic industry in the United States for more than twenty-five years. Her work, both written and photographic, has appeared in numerous publications including, Shutterbug, Rangefinder, After Capture, WPPI Newsletter, Digital Output, Budget Traveler, Nevada Magazine, Phoenix Home & Garden, Arizona Bride, Newsday, and Studio Photography & Design. She is a former editor of Photographic Trade News and specializes in travel and wedding photography.

United States

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Editorial Fine Art Flower & Plant Landscape Travel Wedding

Recent Clients

  1. The Desert Leaf
  2. Arizona Bride
  3. Shutterbug
  4. EOP Publications
  5. Madden Publishing


  1. Tucson Gold Addy Award (2007 and 2008), Desert Leaf articles/photos
  2. International Center for Photography (NYC)
  3. Washington Museum of Fine Art (Maryland)
  4. Tucson Museum of Fine Art (Arizona)
  5. Altamira (gallery/shop) Islip, New York