Christian Knoch Photography

As a photographer with a professional approach, I'm following the slogan: "Striving for the better picture every day." In order to provide high-quality images – worldwide.

- Primarily working in the fields of concert, photojournalism, commercial and sports photography.

- Publications via the German Press Agency (dpa) in well known German newspapers/magazines like Stern, Focus, FAZ, Frankfurter Rundschau.

- Freelancer for a local newspaper and cultural magazine since 2005.

- Covering events and concerts nationwide.

- Receiving requests from agencies and clients around the globe.

Frankfurt Am Main

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Studio facilities are available.

Portable Speedlight lighting system by Nikon
--> offers studio capabilities on location (i. e. indoor sports, commercial/advertising outdoor shootings etc.)

Recent Clients

  1. Meister Verlag GmbH, Munich
  2. Duden/Cornelsen GmbH, Berlin
  3. German Press Agency (dpa), Berlin
  4. Xynias Wetzel GmbH, Munich
  5. Kunst und Bild GmbH, Berlin


Portfolios of example work from Christian Knoch Photography: