Chitra Balasubramaniam

My dabbling in photography started with requiring good quality images to accompany my writings. As a freelance features writer based out of New Delhi, India, I write on craft, travel, art, design and environment. My work has been published in India and abroad - Jetwings, Discover India, Xpression, Flylight..

Documentation of old crafts, writing on revival of dying crafts, travel to off beat locales has led me to some wonderful photo ops especially in the making of craft, weaving and more. This is quite far removed, from my academic background in commerce with a post-graduation in business administration, which is put to use in investment studies and analysis.

My forte is travel, craft, food, collectibles, antique, art, people, jewellery, design, motifs, eco-friendly, organic products...

New Delhi
National Capital Territory

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Recent Clients

  1. Spenta multimedia
  2. Media Transasia Ltd


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