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Jean Hemond

Quebec City, Canada

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Painter sculptor and photograph as a hobby from childhood now since 10 years I operate a studio as a full time professional artist .

My specialty, as I am also an Engineer and Naval Architect was from onset marine, seascapes, boats and ships.

My exclusive aerial ships photos proceeding in ice are distinctive and sought by specialists and collectors.

I arrange for affordable high quality ship, in ice, and yacht aerial photography from bridges and cliffs in the Quebec area. Thoses are exclusive ship action photos that would otherwise cost thousand of dollars if captioned from aircrafts .

I'm a freelance photographer based in Rawdon, Quebec. I specialize current news items and outdoor events. Original digital captures of real life scenes and events, nothing added or removed with digital editing software.

Graduate of the Academy of Arts of Montreal in Photography since 1977, I am a freelance photographer specializing in fine art and reporting photography.

My work for two years revolves around the lomography,

the return to the sources of low - fi photography.

It is generally marketed devices by the Lomographic Society International.

These are rather cheap devices.

In addition to the low - fi develops in photography a stream attached to the style

obtained from large film equipment consumption appeared as early as the 1970s,

and the use of treatment departing voluntarily of the standard results.

It is often called lomography,because of the preponderance that took

in this mouvemennt devices



Marc Gibert

Montreal, Canada

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Adecom is a photo agency specialized in event and photo documentary (photo journalism, public relations, editorial, event coverage) and also corporate (portraits, advertising, product, industrial and commercial...) with a specialization in architecture and design.

Adecom have been founded in Montreal by the photographer Marc Gibert. Based on his 15 years of experience in advertising, communication, graphic design and photography, plus adecom other photographers skill, we offers you professional services in studio or on location in Canada and world wide.

I am a professional photographer specialized in event photography (wedding and corporate). I have also experience with corporate portrait, TV stills, dance, travel photography.

I have 35 years of experience in commercial, travel, corporate and fine art photography

High end events - corporate events - corporate portraiture - interiors - industrial photography - artist portrait - fine art photography - advertizing photography with portable wireless lighting equipment - food - child

Vancouver born photographer Angelique Caplette began her love of photography shooting portraits and nudes of friends. Her work quickly caught the eye of local advertisers and galleries and was featured in the cover of her first Gallery show's magazine. Moving to Toronto in the 90's to further her career, she began shooting for national press, music, and fashion magazines. She then found her niche in Glamour and advertising photography.

Angelique Caplette's award winning images have been featured in many international magazines, art venues, as well as television networks. Angelique specializes in advertising, glamour, pin-up, and fashion photography for models, actors, designers, ad agencies, modeling agencies, magazines, DJ's, musicians, and individuals. Angelique has 15 years experience.

Freelance and corporate photographer based in Montreal.