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Alejandro Lezcano Photography

Alejandro Lezcano

Buenos Aires, Argentina

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I´m a photographer in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Actually working hard on Panoramas, Vr-Products, Gigaphotography, Macro Photography with deep field of view, Virtual tours and high speed photography

Also worked on demonstration, strikes and social movements in argentina for different news websites

ALso develop on portraits, for stage actors and spontaneous portrait.

Jesús Fernandez Photography

Jesús Fernandez

Mar Del Plata, Argentina

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I'm specialized in nature photography, wildlife flora and fauna. Also landscapes from nature areas of Argentine, Bolivia and Chile. I worked as an illustrator for over thirty years for ad agencies.

Nick Albi Photography

Nick Albi

Buenos Aires, Argentina

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Buenos Aires (and South America) based freelance photographer.

Pablo Grillone Photography

Pablo Grillone

Buenos Aires, Argentina

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Publicist, photographer, director of commercials and music videos, was born in Buenos Aires Argentina, based in Mexico City since 1996.

He runs a company in Mexico extreme sports as a hobby, allowing it to be a lot of time in nature, surrounded by mountains, rivers and lakes.

PHOTO: Product - Modeling - Tourism VIDEO / FILM

Film Commercial TV: Digital - Film

Music Videos




Wide Eye Pictures

Wide Eye Pictures

Buenos Aires, Argentina

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Buenos Aires, Argentina based photographers

Yadid Levy Photography

Yadid Levy

Buenos Aires, Argentina

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I’m a photographer based in Buenos Aires and Copenhagen shooting mainly travel and documentary features.

I’m traveling for about 6 months of the year and so far have been to more than 70 countries. My pictures have been published by major magazines, newspapers and book publishers around the world, among them are Geo, Merian, The Independent, Guardian, Traveler Conde Nast, Focus, Newsweek, Maxim, Illustrered Videnskab, Lonely Planet publications, Rough Guides Publications, Fodor’s Travel Publications, Insight Guides and many more.

When not traveling I’m giving multimedia shows about my travels.

If you have come to find me through this website, please mention so.


Rodrigo Iglesias

Buenos Aires, Argentina

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I work on documentary, editorial and travel photography covering events and shows as well.