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Stefan Sollfors Photography

Stefan Sollfors

Stefan Sollfors

Nykoping, Sweden

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General photographer and videographer for news, nature/wildlife, sports, time-lapse and macro.

I love macro and have become a specialist in taking extreme close-ups of bugs, especially spiders. I have equipment to make something as small as 2 mm fill up the frame.

Every now and then I do weddings as well.

Mikael Svensson Photography

Mikael Svensson

Mikael Svensson

Goteborg, Sweden

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Photography for me all started during my years in the beautiful Swedish mountains. I was fascinated by the colors and landscape and has been photographing natural environments ever since. I'm a member of The Swedish Association of Nature Photographers (/N).


Laurici Carlsson

Solna, Sweden

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Spend my time between Stockholm in Sweden and Santos (near Sao Paulo) in Brazil. Travel often to the UK, most frequently to London.

Have lived 18 year in Saudi Arabia and have a great collection of photos from the Riyadh Area.

Worked many years as Recreation Manager in a Compound in Saudi Arabia and was responsible for the photographic coverage of all the events that I organized: sports´ competitions, social gatherings, theme-

evenings, dinner parties, fashion shows, sports gala, visits to historical places, cities, museums, institutions, nature, etc...

Very fond of nature,especially desert and beach scenes, sunsets, water sports, fishing scenes, etc... but I'm very flexible, can photograph other subjects too.

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