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Felipe Sangines-Uriarte

Felipe Sangines-Uriarte

Barcelona, Spain

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Freelance photographer since the 80's. Now working mainly between Berlin, Barcelona and Hamburg. Worked for many of the mayor and medium sized Ad Agencies in Spain like JWT, McCann Erickson, Publicis,DDB, VY&R, Cayenne, MAV&CO, Pavlov, Chateau and Morillas Brand Design -

the most prominent design studio in Spain-for clients like Nike, Nestlè, Skoda, FCB, Checkpoint, CocaCola, Asturiana, LaCaixa, BBVA, Men's Health Magazine and others.

Attended school and university in Germany, degree in Microbiology.

Extensive knowledge of photography related software in Mac platform like PhotoshopCS5, Illustrator, Flexcolor, Phocus, Lightroom, AutopanoGiga, Helicon Phocus. For the last five years working mostly with Medium Format digital cameras.

Languages : Spanish, German, English

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