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New Mexico Mountain Girl

CheyAnne Sexton

Taos, United States

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I have been using cameras since I was 12 years old. It's all about the light and I follow it everywhere I can when shooting. The rust and colors of Old Vintage trucks, mainly Chevys always find their way into my art. I love capturing the birds and wild animals of New Mexico. Horses, wild and tame are also favorite subjects of mine. Flowers have always fascinated me and I am continuously drawn to them when the light shines and reflects in and on their petals. The enchantment of New Mexico light is very real and you will find that in my landscape photographs too. Let me know if you need something from northern New Mexico.

Justus Photography

Linda Sherrill

Alamogordo, United States

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I have over 25 years experience as an editorial, portrait, wedding and equine photographer. I sell photos to national horse magazines on a monthly basis and am always available with stock images through Photographer's Direct.

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