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Bill Walmisley

Perth, Australia

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A professional Photographer who has had extensive experience within the Uk for the past 6 years covering most fields of the Photographic spectrum. Trained at London Institute of Photography in London and have been using my skills ever since.

Specialise in capturing those 'Intimate moments and Emotions, in Weddings, Events, Portfolios, Commercial, and Corporate.

Mohammed Massoud Morsi Photography

Mohammed Massoud Morsi

Perth, Australia

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Morsi is a freelancer. He has lived in South East Asia, the Middle East, Europe and Australia. Amongst other organisations he has worked for Danish Church Aid, Medicins Sans Frontieres and the UN. He has published articles, pictures and poems in Danish and international media such as Information in Denmark and Noble House in London. His features have ranged from such topics as Aids victims in Cambodia to humoristic travel stories – including a hunt for Lebanese hashish in the mountains north of Beirut.

Mohammed Massoud Morsi produced an extensive photo reportage for the Roskilde Festival about human slavery in Cambodia, viewed by more than 100 000 people, and about the aid work after the 34 day war between Israel and Hizbollah for ACT (Action Churches Together).

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