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gold star E.Martinena FotografĂ­a

Esteban Martinena Guerero

Esteban Martinena Guerero

Cáceres, Spain

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Born and raised in Spain, I decided to dedicate my life to photography after obtaining my degree in Computer Science. I'm creating images for several stock agencies and working on photojournalism for EFE news Agency, Corbis, and some other independent press.

I love to create great images from concerts, music festivals and performances.

I also love to travel, work and meet new people. The best times for me are when all these things are together.

I do my own post-processing and retouching of my photographs and I also professionally do it for several photographers related with product and fashion photography.

Photographer + Music Lover + Traveler + Inquisitive + Social + Geek + Loyal + Adventurous + Retoucher

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