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Outnbout VisualImaging, Llc

Roderick Bley

Roderick Bley

St. Paul, United States

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Timeless Travel

We started outNbout visualImaging over 30 years ago to chronicle our visual experiences as we traveled the world on business. We set aside time to absorb and record local cultures, photographing the wonders of the world on a day to day basis.

Messages in the Moment

Because we spend so much time outdoors many of the photos in our collections focus on the elements of nature that surround around us. Whether these visual discoveries are macro scenic shots or micro close-ups we strive primarily, to ensure that nothing is disturbed, altered or manipulated in any way. Beyond of a bit of “cropping” and “straightening” the images are presented to you in their original state. What you see is what we saw at that special moment in time.

Yelena Kurdyumova & Sergey Porada Photography LLC

Yelena Kurdyumova

Yelena Kurdyumova

Minneapolis, United States

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We are professional freelance journalists and photographers, working for media sources in the USA and Europe including such as International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF), Distance Running magazine (USA), PhotTravel magazine, and others. We travel a lot around the world and make reports and photos from different countries. The art director of our photo projects is Sergey. In 2007 Yelena Kurdyumova was awarded in Las Vegas the "Outstanding Achievement in Photography Award" from International Society of Photographers (USA). We test new camera models for NIKON and KODAK. We prefer using KODAK digital cameras while participating in extreme sport competitions when we need small, light-weight camera.

Christianson Studios > PhotoLogic

Bruce Christianson

Bruce Christianson

Minneapolis, United States

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Award-winning photographer equally accomplished in studio and on location.

University training with 30 years of professional experience enable Bruce to surpass expectations with striking, exceptionally mastered shots of products, architecture, food, people, drone aerial stills & video, and more.

Balances artistic talent and congenial nature with solid business judgment working for high-profile companies. His Clients can count on receiving outstanding photographic results that powerfully convey the desired image, without having to over-direct or break the budget.

A Master of emerging technology, consulting on digital capture workflow and creator of virtual reality spaces ensures he brings the ideal approach, skills, and tools to any visual challenge your business might face.

Bernie M Photography

Bernard Mordorski

Bernard Mordorski

Minneapolis, United States

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I have Over 30 years experience as an amateur and over 5 years professionally. I am highly liked by my clients and they are very happy with my work. I like and shoot a variety of subjects.

As a member of Betterphoto I constantly work to improve my craft. I have received several "Editor’s Pic" awards.

My #1 goal is your “happiness” with the product, not just your satisfaction.

Bernie Mordorski

Bernie M. Photography

Lisa Loucks Christenson Publishing, LLC

Lisa Loucks Christenson

Lisa Loucks Christenson

St Paul, United States

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#1 International Bestselling Author, National Award-Winning Author Wildlife Photographer, Host Lisa's Walk The Talk Show™.

Specialities: Bald eagles, wildlife, animals,food,people travel, lifestyles, Americana, nature, wildlife, documentary.

Lisa's Bald Eagle Documentary™

Photo collection includes: 1000+ Historical photos beginning in 1890, 20,000 B&W, 940,000 color.

Clients: A Lot of Fun and Games


Allured Publishing

Career World

Christian Schools International






Grolier, Inc.

Harcourt Brace


HCBI /Marnach House



Holt, Rinehart Winston

HSUS/Kind News



KAAL /Winter Bugs! Kirschoff/ Wohlberg

Cathy Bernardy Photography

Cathy Bernardy Jones

Minneapolis, United States

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I worked for a classic rock/record collector magazine for eight years, where I honed my skills in live concert shooting. Among my stock are many '80s and '90s rock bands.

I am from the Midwest, so I also have a variety of rural subject matter, from horses & fluffy cows to Lake Superior & shipping to winter shots.

Contact me with your needs. I'm near Iowa, have family in South Dakota and friends in Wisconsin, so travel likely can be arranged.

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