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Lisa Missenda Photography

Lisa Missenda

Lisa Missenda

Waldorf, United States

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I graduated with a BA from Pennsylvania State University. I received a liberal arts education with an emphasis in photography and art. In 2009, I became ACE Certified in Photoshop.

I have worked for the last 20 years in the photographic industry as a custom printer and digital technician. Currently, I provide photographic support for DAAS Wuz Up Entertainment in Fort Washington, MD. This position includes studio and location photography for print and web design work. From my relationship with DAAS Wuz Up Entertainment, I have gained jobs for the Howard Theather Preservation Project and the Anthony Motley Campaign.

I shoot digital and film, DSLR, 35mm and 4x5(Field Camera) transparency and negative, color and Black and White.

Irene Abdou Photography

Irene Abdou

Washington, United States

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I come from the world of humanitarian aid & international development, first getting my start in as a Peace Corps Volunteer in West Africa, where I lived in a mud hut with a straw roof in a tiny village of 40 people and later in a small town of 10,000. Without running water or electricity, I cooked on a portable burner hooked up to a small cannister of gas. I perfected my French language skills and picked up Fulfulde and Djerma. After 3 1/2 years in Niger, I returned to the Washington, DC area, eventually moving back to Africa to spend 2 years in South Sudan living in a tent. I began to work professionally as a photographer in late 2007. Since then, my photography has been recognized, published, and exhibited by numerous organizations. I am available for assignments around the world.

Aisling Gheal Photography

Ashley VanderLoop

Ellicott City, United States

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I am a self-taught wildlife and nature photographer. I especially enjoy hiking into and capturing the mountains and deserts of Colorado and the critters which call this state home. Some of my images might make people ask "What is she thinking?" but a twist in a composition is always fun and I love rich colors and textures.

Bryan Smith Photography

Bryan Smith

Leonardtown, United States

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I have extensive experience shooting from tactical jet aircraft, wide angle as well as standard zoom. Most of my portfolio is aviation from inside the cockpit. I am branching out in all directions as much as possible.

Murray Bloom Photography

Murray Bloom

Baltimore, United States

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A graduate of the Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA) in photography, my philosophy of image-making revolves around seeing the ordinary in new and unique ways; as well as producing images of the highest possible visual quality.

Having spent many years as a commercial photographer, specializing in catalog, advertising and promotional photography, I developed a high standard of visual quality and a deep understanding of the interaction of light and surface, color and tone.

As a rule, I try to avoid the "typical" treatments and subjects so common to art photography, both in and out of the studio. I believe that no matter what the subject may be, the image should incorporate beauty and technical fluency.


Lara Eichenwald

Washington, United States

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Photography. Retouching. Restoration.

A married couple working as is a team, made it a family business.

Based in Bethesda, Maryland we serve the needs of the greater DC Metro Area on a regular basis.

We work out of our home, using it as an environment or as a studio.

Adobe Certified Experts.

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