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Sanjiv De Silva Photography

Sanjiv De Silva

Sanjiv De Silva

Colombo, Sri Lanka

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Based in Sri Lanka, Sanjiv covers wildlife, travel and documentary photography. He began his photographic journey seeking to explore the rich photographic possibilities offered by his native Sri Lanka's cultural and ecological diversity. More recently, he has begun to cover other parts of South and Southeast Asia, and is open to taking on photographic assignments as a stepping-stone to making photography his full time occupation.

Photography is truly a passion for Sanjiv who readily admits to being enchanted by nature's endless diversity and the human form. He believes in keeping his approach to image making as simple as possible, using color, light, movement and expression to provide a window to the world around us.

L.L. Prasanna Ranatunga Photography

L.L. Prasanna Ranatunga

Battaramulla, Sri Lanka

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Philosophy: If the picture is good, I'll take it first, then try to understand/interpret it later. Time is of the essence.

Initially self-taught, I am fortunate to count some established professional photographers as my friends. I never stop learning about new techniques and technologies.

Started in Ohio, 2001 - photographing aerobatic displays: Thunderbirds, Blue Angels, Snowbirds, etc.

Returning to Sri Lanka in 2003, I continued with wildlife photography. Over several years, I have been able to capture animals in unusual settings and poses.

I am always trying new things; seeing a unique angle of an object is always the first step to a good picture.

I still photograph high-speed aircraft when the opportunity presents itself.

Nishan Perera Photography

Nishan Perera

Colombo, Sri Lanka

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I'm an underwater photographer and marine biologist based in Sri Lanka. I have a selection of stock images from Sri Lanka and overseas and I also undertake special assignments anywhere in Sri Lanka. I have extensive diving experience in Sri Lanka, Maldives, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Australia and the USA. My work focuses on general underwater images, scientific documentation, environmental issues and travel.

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