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gold star Julie Woodhouse Photography

Julie Woodhouse

Julie Woodhouse

Berlin, Germany

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I am a British photographer living to the north of Berlin. I have worked in the industry for over twenty years, supplying images and undertaking assignments for many differing and varied clients. I have supplied images for national newspapers, undertaken product shots, contributed to tourism DVD's and tour guides, websites, calendars, postcards ... the range goes on.

I undertake contracts locally and around Europe.

Ich bin eine britische Fotografin, die zum Norden Berlins wohnt. Ich habe in der Industrie seit mehr als zwanzig Jahren gearbeitet.

Art & Culture Photography

Jirka Jansch

Berlin, Germany

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i am czech photographer living in berlin and prague, making cultural and event photography for theaters, galeries, operahouses, magazines, newspapers, pr - and advertising agencies.

own portraitstudio for actor portraits and program posters. travel photography specielly in south east asia ( burma. laos, cambodia, thailand) for 20 years. i speak czech, german, english and russian.

Virginia Garfunkel Photography

Virginia Garfunkel

Berlin, Germany

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Freelance photographer based in Berlin, Germany.

In the last years I dedicated most of my work to Fine Art Photography. I work currently as a Product Photographer and

I work in Architekture and People Photography as well.

For more Informations please contact me.

Michael Stoß Mediendienstleistungen

Michael Stoß

Berlin, Germany

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Canon DSLR w/panoramic tripod head, setups for vertical/horizontal/tight spaces panoramas. RAW format w/exposure bracketing, no visible stitching errors, vertical is vertical is vertical.

2014 Seamless video inside panorama

2010 Adding XML scripting with KRPano as the leading technology for interactive panoramic tours

2009 experimenting with video elements in virtual panoramas

2007-2009 audio panoramas (eg. news, events)

2006-2009 news stuff, high pole panoramas, crowded places

2005-2009 Europe in 360° project (touristic places).

2004-2009 commercial panoramic photographer (trade fairs, hotels, show rooms, yacht), first DSLR

2001 left archaeology, moved to Berlin, switched over to new media business and virtual presentations

1997 first virtual tour project (open-air museum), first steps in CD-ROM project (Apple Media Tool).

1996 first panoramic images (cylindrical, Nikon SLR)

1984-1997 shooting regularly for archaeological documentation purposes (b&w, color slides).

Oliver Mann Fotografie

Oliver Mann

Berlin, Germany

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Antonia Pachmann

, Germany

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I've been fascinated by reptiles for a very long time, hence why I started a journey to find reptiles of the tropics when I was 18 years old. I was travelling for about 3 years and Im planning my next trip to southamerica right now.

Klaus M. Hoefer Photography

Klaus M. Hoefer

Berlin, Germany

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Freelance photographer and journalist

George Messaritakis Photography

George Messaritakis

Berlin, Germany

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I am a professional photographer of architecture based in Berlin and working all over Europe. I put strong emphasis on composition and framing and I capture the salient features of each architecture work. I am available for commissions.

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