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blue star Vladimir Alexeev Photography

Vladimir Alexeev

Vladimir Alexeev

Plovdiv, Bulgaria

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Some people are said to have an "eye" for a photograph,I say it's more about practice, persistence and passion!

Experience: more than 25 years

Studio Photography

Product Photography

Outdoor Photography

Architecture Photography

Mast photography

VR panorama/VR tours


Scanning - drum scanner Imacon 646

Medium format: Mamiya RB 67 Pro S

Large format: Linhof Technika 4x5 in.

Digital: Canon 5D (fullframe) with several lenses

Yordan Yordanov Photography

Yordan Yordanov

Yordan Yordanov

Sofia, Bulgaria

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I have 18 years experience as a professional photographer.Large format photography/Sinar 4x5" and 8x10"/and digital photography/21MP/. Studio light is Broncolor and Hensel.

Stefan Nedelchev Photography

Stefan Nedelchev

Sofia, Bulgaria

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I'm a professional photographer work in photo journalistic, wedding, landscape and portrait photography.

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