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blue star Peter Anthony Group

Tony Schweikle

Naples, United States

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More than 25 years of experience. Started as a photojournalist, moved on to sports and now everything. My portfolio ranges from the above to people, places and things. I am semi-

retired from the film and television industry, live in Italy 7 months each year and I am free to travel anywhere. I have won national and international awards and have been published in national and international magazines and periodicals. I also write.

Lisa Loucks Christenson Wildlife Publishing

Lisa Loucks Christenson

Lisa Loucks Christenson

Minneapolis, United States

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#1 International Bestselling Author, National Award-Winning Author Wildlife Photographer, Host Lisa's Walk The Talk Show™.

Specialities: Bald eagles, wildlife, animals, food, people travel, lifestyles, Americana, nature, wildlife documentaries.

Lisa's Bald Eagle Documentary™

Photo collection includes: 1000+ Historical photos circulation 1890+, 20,000 B&W, 1 million digital images
Films, Animations, and Shorts: Nitoti™, Carpie Koi™, Lisa's Bald Eagle Documentary™, Lighning Delivery,


A Lot of Fun and Games


Allured Publishing

Career World

Christian Schools

Gregory Johnston Photography

Gregory Johnston

Gregory Johnston

Coeur d'Alene, United States

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My photographic style closely resembles my life and my character. It shows a simple truth, an uncluttered and simple truth that shows the inner beauty of life around me. Sometimes it is easier to see the truth in others than it is in yourself. My photography is an attempt at capturing the simple truth in myself through the lens.

1. Published in various regional and national magazines.

2. Both images accepted in Juried competition for Art on the Green in Coeur d'Alene, ID to be held August 2013

3. Sell to stock agencies around the country and parts of the world.

4. Made cover of music group's (Space Pimps) CD.

5. Sports Photography.

6. Lifestyle, Nature, landscape, food, fine art, concept, and wildlife stock photography

Micah B Rubin Photography

Micah Rubin

Micah Rubin

New York City, United States

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Micah is a New York-based photographer specializing in travel and reportage photography.

Originally from Ohio, Micah moved to New York after living and working abroad for years.

He's worked as a Photo Editor at major national magazines until deciding to pursue photography full time.

His passion for storytelling and creating beautiful imagery led to his adventures traveling and exploring throughout Asia and the world.

David Ryan Photography

David Ryan

David Ryan

Boise, United States

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I have more than forty years experience as a travel and stock photographer with a huge collection of images. My work usually has a very strong graphic impact and is often used where eye catching appeal is needed and wanted. I have an especially strong collection of people photos and portraits.

Singing Shaman Traders

Roger Gee

Roger Gee

Post Falls, United States

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Im old school photojounalist. My real job is a partner in an importing business which works out just great. I've an extensive collection of Tarahumara images from the Copper Canyon, Mexio. Also in Mexico several hundred photos of the potters of Mata Ortiz.

We also travelled and shot in Guatemala, Honduras and will be making a two week importing/photography trip to Vietnam in couple of weeks.

I am a people person photographer perferring a small an inobtrusive camera to those huge intimidating pro jobs that cost a pretty penny and are a pain to haul around.

For the same reason I don't use long, romanticizing lense. My zoom is in my feet. I like shooting at close range to my subject, sometimes getting involved in the scene I'm photographing.

George Wilson Photography

George Wilson

George Wilson

Orlando, United States

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Born and raised in Boston, Massachusetts, it was not until adulthood that George Wilson made Central Florida his home. Growing up in a family where paintbrushes, artists and galleries were commonplace, he picked up a camera at an early age never looking back. George traveled in Europe as an exchange student during high school with a camera recording the journey. These images produced his first major photography award from the Boston Globe Newspaper Company. His professional career soon brought editorial work with organizations such as: The Springfield Union News, The Associated Press, The Chapel Hill News and The Gold Leaf Farmer. It was here that he was on the front lines for Breaking News, Sports and Feature Photography. He is a member of the NPPA, ASMP and NANPA

McGinity Photo

Trish McGinity

Trish McGinity

Denver, United States

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I started capturing life's amazing moments in 1987 and have continued my photography passion throughout the years both for love of fine art photography and for my commercial customers.

I hope you enjoy my photos as much as I enjoyed creating them!

Caribbean Sees Virgin Eyes

Karl Callwood

Karl Callwood

Charlotte Amalie, United States

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Photographing in the Caribbean since 1982.

500,000 tropical images in stock.

Based in St. Thomas, Virgin Islands, career experience includes graphic and commercial photography for Graphic Arts House and Advertising Agency, newspaper, and government.

Providing stock, images shot to order and photo guide and location services of the island.

Shooting capabilities are aerial, land, on the water and below the water.

PADI certified diver. PADI certification number: 0901037498. Also providing underwater video services.

Joanne West Photography

Joanne West

Joanne West

Gold Canyon, United States

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I am primarily a nature photographer, living on 4 acres of Sonoran desert land in an underground dome home in Gold Canyon, Arizona. Here I have captured the moods of light playing off the nearby Supersition Mountains in all seasons. Dark desert skies are perfect for capturing moonrises, star trails and lightning images. My images of nature, particularly wildflowers, birds, animals and landscape are published, exhibited and collected in the US, Canada and UK. In addition to 30 yrs of photographing the beauty of the western USA, international travel to Peru, Australia, Italy and Canada has added diversity to my portfolio. I am hired to photograph people for weddings and personalized headshots as well cover corporate and personal events.

Arni Katz Studio, Inc.

Arni Katz

Arni Katz

Atlanta, United States

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I've been behind a camera professionally since 1972.

One of my earliest memories was picking up my mother's huge 6X8 Kodak bellows camera and setting off the shutter and flashbulb at age three.

My career spans photojournalism, combat photography, feature and documentary cinematography and commercial/advertising photography. I founded a digital effects studio, Dreamtime Systems in 1991.

I am a serving officer in the United States Military Reserves. Sensitive or classified assignments are not a problem. United States or NATO allied nations only.

State of the art digital studio with editing, effects and retouching located in Atlanta Georgia, USA.

Thanks for looking!

Lee Dalton Photography

Lee Dalton

Lee Dalton

Fort Myers, United States

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Lee Dalton is a wildlife photographer specialising in photographing endangered species, as well as the wildlife of USA

A Lingering Eclipse™ Studio

Margaret M. Savino

Margaret M. Savino

Northwoods, United States

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Member: APA Advertisting Photographers of America

Member: ASPP American Society of Picture Professionals

Member: SAA Stock Artists Alliance

ADOBE Photographers Directory

Adv. Master Gardener Cert.

Innovative images, concept design and technical precision are the hallmarks of my work. I specialize in MULTI-CULTURAL images, Aerial, Advertising, Corporate PORTRAITURE natural & authentic capturing innuendo & unique aspects of people & cultures as well as urban & rural landscapes, scenic environments; Extensive experience shooting still-life, close-up macro and nature photography. My images are useful for museum, educational, editorial, corporate & advertising needs. Please refer to my stock listing page, A Lingering Eclipse Studio, on this website to view more images/information

Earth Moods Photography

Bill Morgenstern

Bill Morgenstern

Kerrville, United States

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Bill Morgenstern creates images reflecting and interpreting, wildlife, nature, and natural subjects. Dramatic lighting and textures are his hallmark. Documentary to creatively impressionistic is his style.

Bill supplies a wide range of creative images with an outdoor and nature orientation to both editorial and advertising users. Subjects include Midwest US, Canadian and Scandinavian scenic, water in all forms, birds, insects (specializing in dragonflies), wildlife, wildflowers including orchids, trees and plants, still life, farming and agriculture, sport fishing, timber industry, geology and mining, ecosystems and habitats, environment, active people in the outdoors, travel photography.

Michael Burr Photography

Michael Burr

Michael Burr

Los Angeles, United States

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Professional photographer with over 30 years experience shooting products, people, aviation, industrial and corporate subjects for a wide variety of commercial and editorial uses. Proficient working both in the studio and on location using natural and artificial light and with all camera formats from 35mm to 4x5; film and digital.

Steve MacAulay Photography

Steve MacAulay

Steve MacAulay

Seattle, United States

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I am a Seattle based photographer whose subjects run the gamut from adventure sports, travel, and cultural explorations, to portraits, annual reports, and model portfolios.

Regardless of the project, I continually strive to bring my own unique perspective and imagination to the images I create. I approach all my subjects with a sensitivity and respect that allows for the individuals true personality to come forward and become part of a compelling image.

I split my time between studio work in Seattle and traveling both near and far in search of new stock images for sale to the editorial and commercial markets.

My images can be found in many diverse venues including major editorial magazines, corporate display collections, educational textbooks, and many NW modeling portfolios.

Robert Berger Photography

Robert Berger

Robert Berger

Los Angeles, United States

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I have over 20 years experience photographing interiors and exteriors of commercial, hospitality, residential, and healthcare projects as well as historic properties. I have produced two coffee table books about historic architecture in Los Angeles. My experience also includes shooting for furniture and lighting manufacturers and stock travel images.

AlpenGlow Productions, Inc.

Rick Sheremeta

Kalispell, United States

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Rick Sheremeta has been producing photographic imagery for corporate, editorial, advertising and personal use for over a decade. Additionally Rick conducts photographic workshops in Glacier National Park and other Montana Rocky Mountain locales.

Laura Jean Zito Photography

Laura Jean Zito

Philadelphia, United States

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Location, Portraits, Film Stills, Architectural Interiors and Exteriors, Artwork, Product Shots, Fashion and Beauty, Landscapes, Photoshop, Framing

Sue Clark Photography

Sue Clark

Denver, United States

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I currently shoot with a 24mp full frame digital camera. We have images from our travels around the world.

Snaps Of Life

Salim Madjd

San Francisco, United States

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I have experience with product photography, weddings, sport and action.

David N. Lee Photography

David N. Lee

, United States

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David N. Lee has been creating nature and outdoor action images since age 12. Based in Helena, Montana, David has easy access to Yellowstone and Glacier National Park, and some of the most scenic mountain wilderness areas in North America.

David has a Masters in Biology. His science background enables him to create nature and wildlife images that tell the story of his subjects and convey the meaning to his audience. David combines his photography skills with writing, and has authored dozens of newspaper and magazine features.

Tom Uhlman Photography

Tom Uhlman

Cincinnati, United States

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I enjoy shooting a wide range of subjects, from news and sports to wildlife a portraits. I've been freelancing since 1989 and clients include The AP, Reuters, The New York Times, Cicny Business and Ohio Magazines, book publishers such as Houghton Mifflin, Harcourt, and Chicago Review Press. I have a large stock portfolio of over 80,000 images with coverage of East Africa, the Caribbean, and much of the US. Video production is a large part of my work flow also and I can cover the complete process of the production from shooting to editing the final product.

Irene Abdou Photography

Irene Abdou

Washington, United States

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I come from the world of humanitarian aid & international development, first getting my start in as a Peace Corps Volunteer in West Africa, where I lived in a mud hut with a straw roof in a tiny village of 40 people and later in a small town of 10,000. Without running water or electricity, I cooked on a portable burner hooked up to a small cannister of gas. I perfected my French language skills and picked up Fulfulde and Djerma. After 3 1/2 years in Niger, I returned to the Washington, DC area, eventually moving back to Africa to spend 2 years in South Sudan living in a tent. I began to work professionally as a photographer in late 2007. Since then, my photography has been recognized, published, and exhibited by numerous organizations. I am available for assignments around the world.

Monica L. Armstrong, Photography & Video

Monica Armstrong

Nashville, United States

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I have been a Professional Photographer since 2000. I have shot Weddings, models, family portraits, events, landscape, subject, some advertisement, and for the last six years have been shooting real estate.

Buddy Mays Photography

Buddy Mays

Bend, United States

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Buddy Mays is a nationally recognized travel and lifestyle photographer whose color photographs, taken in sixty countries on six continents, have appeared in thousands of publications throughout North America and Europe. He has won numerous national and international photography awards, and several of his images reside in the permanent collection of the Smithsonian Institute in Washington DC. He was a finalist for a Pulitzer Prize in Feature Photography in 1977 and in 2009 he was selected by Digital Photographer Magazine as one of the best sixty wildlife photographers in the world. This office is fully digitalized and can deliver low resolution scans via email lightbox for review and high resolution finals via FTP upload.

Sargent Stock Image Resource

Gary Sargent

Richmond, United States

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In addition to our own photograhpy, we act as an agent for numerous other photographers.

If you have specific photographic needs please contact us.


Our photography studio offers a wide variety of photographic services. The services include, but are not limited to: stock photography nature photography architectural photography macro photography annual reports photojournalistic assignments commercial travel photography custom assignments

Lahaina Photography

John K

Maui, United States

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I've been into photography off and on since the early 1980's photographing people, landscapes and surfing.

About 10 years ago I started my own photography business.

Now I shoot more on a professional basis doing portraits, weddings, events and some sports.

I've done photography work for some law firms in Hawaii mostly of their clients and property damage.

I also shoot photos for some of the pro surfers and bodyboaders here on Maui and have had some of my photos printed in a bodyboarding magazine from Australia and have sold some surfing photos here.

I also consider myself a conservation photographer using my nature photographs to show people the need to take care of our environment here in Hawaii.

I am also a photo contributor to a news magazine-Maui Now.

Johnna Haskell Photos

Johnna Haskell

Carrabassett Valley, United States

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I love to photograph wildlife, natural landscapes, and Maine scenes and the challenge of photographying cabins for real estate.

Industrial (51)

Infrared (9)

Insect (57)

Interior (61)

Landscape (169)

Leisure (56)

Lifestyle (76)

Lingerie/swimwear (20)

Literature/author (10)

Macro (60)

Magazine (63)

Marine/marine Life (26)

Medical (27)

Military (15)

Mining (1)

Model (44)

Mountaineering (24)

Music (39)

Nature (152)

News (27)

Night (47)

Nude (25)

Occult/paranormal (4)

Packshot (2)

Panoramic (53)

Passport Photo (5)

People (109)

Pet (61)

Photojournalism (70)

Pinhole (1)

Polar (5)

Politics (18)

Portrait (104)

PR (30)

Pregnancy (19)

Product (60)

Real Estate (56)

Relationships (25)

Religion (30)

Reportage (17)

Royalty (5)

School (7)

Science (31)

Shopping (8)

Special F/x (10)

Sports (63)

Still Life (73)

Stock (130)

Studio (49)

Tabletop (49)

Television (8)

Theatre (19)

Time Lapse (15)

Transport (25)

Travel (150)

Underwater (10)

Video (21)

War/conflict (5)

Weather (40)

Wedding (51)

Wildlife (99)

Winter Sports (26)

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