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gold star Adam Shane Productions

Adam Shane

Adam Shane

Las Vegas, United States

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Commercial/advertising photographer based in Las Vegas. In addition to advertising work for advertising agencies and casinos, I also do production stills for TV and film, international editorial assignments and special event coverage for the 2 stadiums in Vegas. I got my start doing photojournalism in Asia and have a large library of 2 years throughout eastern and southern Asia. Passport ready and willing to travel for assignment.

Special skills: 360 VR Panoramas, HDR, Time-Lapse. My wife is also a professional makeup artist who specializes in beauty and SFX.

Jim Greipp Photography

Jim Greipp

Jim Greipp

Philadelphia, United States

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22 years of experience in commercial, advertising, industrial and editorial photography.

High creative quality combined with cost effectiveness are hallmarks of every job. From commercial advertising to editorial and industrial (in studio or on location) Jim gets the job done on time and on budget. Results and service that are hard to find else where. Please visit our website to find out for yourself. Satisfaction guaranteed.

James Markus Photography LLC

James Markus

James Markus

Grand Rapids, United States

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I have been taking photos for 40 years, and worked 20 years as a professional advertising/marketing photographer in the Creative Services department of the Grand Rapids Press. I voluntarily left the press in October 2008 to open my own studio in Hudsonville Michigan. In February 2009, and March 2010 I was voted the top photographer in Grand Rapids Michigan by readers of the Grand Rapids Press, and mlive. I shoot many types of photography, and I strive for excellence in all my photographic work. I have provided photographic services for over four hundred clients in the last two years.

Olia Saunders Photography

Olia Saunders

Olia Saunders

New York City, United States

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Reward winning food and lifestyle photographer based in NYC.

Photographic Art

Peter J Crowley

Peter J Crowley

Olympia, United States

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Seeking the Highlight

Since 1971 I've worked as a photographer, always striving to locate and share what's good in life.

All anyone really photographs is light. The subject is merely a vehicle to transform the light into an emotion.

The marketplace is filled with images that are created electronically or that are manipulated later (found) in the darkroom. The image I create is in the viewfinder. It is a way of seeing - interpreting light and movement in this space. The point of creation is when I click the shutter. What I share with the viewer is this moment, this deliberate act of seeing, this dancer moving in this space, that flower against the skin. I try to show more of the performer in ordinary people doing ordinary things, presenting life itself as a performing art, where everyday details momentarily exist as aesthetic forms embodying ideas and emotions.

Agnes Caruso Photography

Agnes Caruso

Agnes Caruso

Falls Church, United States

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Agnes background is in travel and nature photography, however, recently she developed a strong portrait portfolio. Working with amateur and professional models is a challenge but it is also very rewarding. She does lots of the photoshots outdoors with natural light but also does indoor portrait shots.

Agnes photographed in Australia, Asia, Europe and North America, she is currently based in Virginia in USA.

Eric Auffhammer Photography

Eric Auffhammer

Eric Auffhammer

Los Angeles, United States

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I am based out of Los Angeles California. I am an artist, director, producer and professional photographer who specializes in portrait, lifestyle, documentary, and commercial advertising photography. I am currently working on my Masters of Fine Art in Photography from the Academy of Art University. I have 4 years experience in fine art photography, and 15 years digital photography experience, 5 years experience with lightroom and 9 years photoshop.

Lifestyle photographer who specializes in creating fun moments. His imagery showcases a strong sense of energy, which make you want to be part of the action.

His loose style gives a sense of reality while still maintaining a strong professional, produced image. His work can be seen in editorial stories, direct to client, and Advertising.

Rowley Photo-Graphics

Mathew Rowley

Mathew Rowley

Helena, United States

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Shooting professionally for nearly 20 years, I have amassed a large stock portfolio. I reside in Helena, Montana USA and have traveled all around the world. I have many images from Iraq, Kuwait, Ireland, Thailand and a large number of states in the US. My style tends to be photojournalistic, shooting on the fly. Weddings, portraits, aerial, scenic, and travel; my goal is to find the candid shot that tells a story. Am willing to travel anywhere in the world.

Strobes, Soft Boxes, and bounce, I have many ways of adding light to a subject. I travel and vacation regularly, and will satisfy all your photography needs.

Gregory Johnston Photography

Gregory Johnston

Gregory Johnston

Coeur d'Alene, United States

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My photographic style closely resembles my life and my character. It shows a simple truth, an uncluttered and simple truth that shows the inner beauty of life around me. Sometimes it is easier to see the truth in others than it is in yourself. My photography is an attempt at capturing the simple truth in myself through the lens.

1. Published in various regional and national magazines.

2. Both images accepted in Juried competition for Art on the Green in Coeur d'Alene, ID to be held August 2013

3. Sell to stock agencies around the country and parts of the world.

4. Made cover of music group's (Space Pimps) CD.

5. Sports Photography.

6. Lifestyle, Nature, landscape, food, fine art, concept, and wildlife stock photography

Green Photography

Brian Green

Brian Green

Phoenix, United States

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I am an exception to the accepted belief that a photographer MUST specialize - I consider myself a Generalist. Most of my current experience is in Weddings, Events, Portraits (including Business Head Shots), Motorsports (car, boat & airplane racing), Travel, Nature, Architecture, Night Photography, Panoramas and Macro Photography. I like a good challenge and consider myself well-equipped to tackle whatever problems arise. I'm willing to travel and/or endure some suffering to get the shot that we need. Let me know what you need!

Muscara Visions

Genese Muscara

Genese Muscara

Farmingdale, United States

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Muscara Visions has many years experience in the Photography Services sector, with the focus on providing quality images to clients.

The firm delivers comprehensive Image services to individuals, which is intended to suit anyone's budget. The business also has friendly relaxing atmosphere with a friendly photographer to get the best results.

Muscara Visions has a satisfied network of clients, situated in and around the country, including commercial and private clients. With a fresh and up to date photography style, Muscara Visions has a professional team, qualified to a high standard.

Abstract Lucidity - Photography By Shannon Hudnell

Abstract Lucidity

Abstract Lucidity

, United States

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Photography has been a big part of my life when my father gave me a 110 film camera when I was eight years old. I was schooled in photography in both creative aspects as well as a military photojournalist perspective.

It is my belief is that loving what you do is a fundamental part of success. Representing the most cherished memories of couples, children, families, and pets is very important to me. Nature is my favorite subject, as there are no expectations and often unexpected surprises. To me, candid shots as opposed to posed, are the best and most admired of all of the work that I do.

Miro Vrlik Photography

Miro Vrlik

Miro Vrlik

Stamford, United States

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I am photographer with over 16 years experience and I am ready for every new project and discuse details with You. I visit many ,,red carpet,, events in New York city and I am also available for wedding,Bar/Bat Mitzva,birthday,real estate project or many other photography projects.

Paul Homsy Photography

Paul Homsy

Paul Homsy

West Hollywood, United States

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Paul Homsy has been photographing for over 30 years. His experience is varied and his work has been published and exhibited in galleries and museums. He has been on numerous assignments.

Paul shoots extensively with models for beauty shots, art nudes and fashion and has a vast body of work available for commercial use, with releases from all the models.

The Western/cowboy photography has been captured from horseback on long cattle drives and large gatherings throughout the Western United States, from California to Montana.

Paul is available for assignments. His limited edition prints have sold for several thousand dollars each and a smaller one owned by a client recently auctioned for $11,000.00

McGinity Photo

Trish McGinity

Trish McGinity

Denver, United States

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I started capturing life's amazing moments in 1987 and have continued my photography passion throughout the years both for love of fine art photography and for my commercial customers.

I hope you enjoy my photos as much as I enjoyed creating them!

Caribbean Sees Virgin Eyes

Karl Callwood

Karl Callwood

Charlotte Amalie, United States

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Photographing in the Caribbean since 1982.

500,000 tropical images in stock.

Based in St. Thomas, Virgin Islands, career experience includes graphic and commercial photography for Graphic Arts House and Advertising Agency, newspaper, and government.

Providing stock, images shot to order and photo guide and location services of the island.

Shooting capabilities are aerial, land, on the water and below the water.

PADI certified diver. PADI certification number: 0901037498. Also providing underwater video services.

Stop The Clock Photo

Charles Harbin

Charles Harbin

Atlanta, United States

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Stop the Clock Photo is a freelance photography enterprise in the metro Atlanta, Georgia area, owned and operated by Charles J Harbin Jr, who is a member of the Professional Photographers of America (PPA) and graduate of the New York Institute of Photography. I service most areas in the southeastern United States but also travel extensively throughout the country and Europe capturing unique and desirable images for my catalog and clients.

While I enjoy and excel in product photography, I seem to be sought after for events, landscapes and commercial projects. I have over twenty years of photographic experience and absolutely love what I do.

Many more of my images are viewable on this site. If you are looking for STOCK images, please click on the stock photo link.

Arni Katz Studio, Inc.

Arni Katz

Arni Katz

Atlanta, United States

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I've been behind a camera professionally since 1972.

One of my earliest memories was picking up my mother's huge 6X8 Kodak bellows camera and setting off the shutter and flashbulb at age three.

My career spans photojournalism, combat photography, feature and documentary cinematography and commercial/advertising photography. I founded a digital effects studio, Dreamtime Systems in 1991.

I am a serving officer in the United States Military Reserves. Sensitive or classified assignments are not a problem. United States or NATO allied nations only.

State of the art digital studio with editing, effects and retouching located in Atlanta Georgia, USA.

Thanks for looking!

Yelena Kurdyumova & Sergey Porada Photography LLC

Yelena Kurdyumova

Yelena Kurdyumova

Minneapolis, United States

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We are professional freelance journalists and photographers, working for media sources in the USA and Europe including such as International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF), Distance Running magazine (USA), PhotTravel magazine, and others. We travel a lot around the world and make reports and photos from different countries. The art director of our photo projects is Sergey. In 2007 Yelena Kurdyumova was awarded in Las Vegas the "Outstanding Achievement in Photography Award" from International Society of Photographers (USA). We test new camera models for NIKON and KODAK. We prefer using KODAK digital cameras while participating in extreme sport competitions when we need small, light-weight camera.

Brad Barton Photography

Brad Barton

Brad Barton

Dallas, United States

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Brad has been a photographer since he was able to pick up a camera and been doing it professional for over 10 years.

Fever Photography

Judy Gardner

Judy Gardner

Tampa, United States

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I am a Florida based freelance photographer specializing in candid portraiture, lifestyle. Although I cover a wide range of subjects and am open to any assignment I am currently primarily picturing landscapes, flowers and people (lifestyles and portraits).If you do a stock search under my name "Judy Gardner" it will bring up about another 100 images, as portfolios are limited to 100 images.

TGrant Photo

Tom Grant

Tom Grant

Medina, United States

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Located in Lodi, Ohio, we're professional photographers specializing in senior portraits, weddings, sports and stock photography. We combine studio lighting, digital image enhancement and special retouching techniques to produce images that will make you look like a star!

Our stock photographs have appeared in several school textbooks.

Some of our clients include: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt,

McGraw Hill Co., Harcourt School Publishers,The Wright Group, Truitt & Marshall, and Pearson Publishers.

Kindred RPP, LLC

Scott Roberts

Scott Roberts

Irvine, United States

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I have a recording studio for songwriters and local artists, provide publishing and photography services for bands and artists mainly. Of course my grandchildren are also favorite photo subjects, as well as Kentucky landscapes and whatever catches my eye...


OLGA Matlin

OLGA Matlin

Phoenix, United States

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Portraits and lifestyle - children, teens, young men and women, and adults. Sensitive subjects. Fashion and beauty. Domestic animals - dogs and cats. Architectural: US and Europe - churches, details, doors, windows. Flowers and nature. Textures and backgrounds. Musical bands in concert. Artistic and impressionist.

Food - fruit, vegetables, table settings, glassware, wine.

PhotoGraphic Artistry

Heather Kirk

Heather Kirk

Scottsdale, United States

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Fine Art Photography, Florals, Landscapes, Conceptual

Seeing: At the most basic, yet important level, what I do as a photographer and artist is ¡¥see¡¦.

There are times when a keen sense of presence and beauty invades me. I notice details, patterns, edges, contrast, or intense color; subtleties that at other times loiter as meaningless trivia, or just another span of dirt and thorns.

Flowers, faces, construction, landscapes. Anything! We become so accustomed to the images in our minds that we hardly look at our surroundings (including individuals) anymore. But we, and all that is around us, are God¡¦s creation, unique and amazing. I want to be a guide, encouraging people to open their eyes and to see deeply.

Bernie M Photography

Bernard Mordorski

Bernard Mordorski

Minneapolis, United States

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I have Over 30 years experience as an amateur and over 5 years professionally. I am highly liked by my clients and they are very happy with my work. I like and shoot a variety of subjects.

As a member of Betterphoto I constantly work to improve my craft. I have received several "Editor’s Pic" awards.

My #1 goal is your “happiness” with the product, not just your satisfaction.

Bernie Mordorski

Bernie M. Photography

Lisa Loucks Christenson Publishing, LLC

Lisa Loucks Christenson

Lisa Loucks Christenson

St Paul, United States

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#1 International Bestselling Author, National Award-Winning Author Wildlife Photographer, Host Lisa's Walk The Talk Show™.

Specialities: Bald eagles, wildlife, animals,food,people travel, lifestyles, Americana, nature, wildlife, documentary.

Lisa's Bald Eagle Documentary™

Photo collection includes: 1000+ Historical photos beginning in 1890, 20,000 B&W, 940,000 color.

Clients: A Lot of Fun and Games


Allured Publishing

Career World

Christian Schools International






Grolier, Inc.

Harcourt Brace


HCBI /Marnach House



Holt, Rinehart Winston

HSUS/Kind News



KAAL /Winter Bugs! Kirschoff/ Wohlberg

Steve MacAulay Photography

Steve MacAulay

Steve MacAulay

Seattle, United States

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I am a Seattle based photographer whose subjects run the gamut from adventure sports, travel, and cultural explorations, to portraits, annual reports, and model portfolios.

Regardless of the project, I continually strive to bring my own unique perspective and imagination to the images I create. I approach all my subjects with a sensitivity and respect that allows for the individuals true personality to come forward and become part of a compelling image.

I split my time between studio work in Seattle and traveling both near and far in search of new stock images for sale to the editorial and commercial markets.

My images can be found in many diverse venues including major editorial magazines, corporate display collections, educational textbooks, and many NW modeling portfolios.


Mike DeCesare

Seattle, United States

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An experienced commercial photographer, I specialize in corporate, stock, travel, and people, including model portfolios, portraits and weddings. I operate from two locations in Washington State in the Pacific Northwest to serve clients: Seattle - Kitsap Peninsula: 360-

337-9535; and Spokane - Coeur 'd Alene: 509-448-5626.

I offer a total commitment to excellence and creative execution to deliver uncompromising quality at affordable prices. Published and represented by top pro photographer organizations in the US and overseas, such as Photographers Direct.

Miron PhotoArt

Miron Abramovici

Berkeley Heights, United States

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I am an award-winning photographer (see a partial list of awards below) and I was selected as the NJ Artist of the Month for January 2011. My skills span a wide spectrum, from abstract and surrealism to portraits and model portfolios.

I am a volunteer photographer for Special Olympics - a world-wide organization dedicated to helping people with intellectual disabilities to succeed in life by involving them in sport activities - and Flashes of Hopes - an organization helping children with cancer. I am also available for weddings and other events.

Skip Nall Photography

Skip Nall

Tampa, United States

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I believe photography is a powerful communication tool. A dynamic photograph can move a product off shelves; help promote the latest service; hook readers into buying books or magazines; propel an artist or band to the next level. It’s all about capturing attention — creating intrigue so people will pick up collateral and respond to its call to arms.

My photography does just that. Enhances your brand — with over twenty five years of experience traveling on assignments to Europe and Asia I’ve built an incredible reputation as a photographer who creates the right image for the project.

Whether its travel, fashion, industrial, editorial or a specialized photo-illustration, I can create electronic or print mediums to help your enterprise increase business through images people remember.

James Jackson Photography

James Jackson

Philadelphia, United States

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Photography as both an art form and a communications tool is more important in the age of digital and wireless than at any other time in history. We now increasingly turn to the instant reception of information allowed by the visual representation of thoughts and ideas rather than trying to communicate those same thoughts through words. Language barriers are easily overcome with images, and during this time of globalization, it is becoming a key issue to communicate through image effectively. It is the skill of photographers that allows this communication to happen and the talent of these artists to transmit a clear message.

James Jackson has been communicating his message through photography since 1995 in a professional and artistic manner.

Murray Bloom Photography

Murray Bloom

Baltimore, United States

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A graduate of the Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA) in photography, my philosophy of image-making revolves around seeing the ordinary in new and unique ways; as well as producing images of the highest possible visual quality.

Having spent many years as a commercial photographer, specializing in catalog, advertising and promotional photography, I developed a high standard of visual quality and a deep understanding of the interaction of light and surface, color and tone.

As a rule, I try to avoid the "typical" treatments and subjects so common to art photography, both in and out of the studio. I believe that no matter what the subject may be, the image should incorporate beauty and technical fluency.

Jason Meyer

Jason Meyer

Chester, United States

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I've been photographing real estate and nature since 2001 after completing my military service. Shooting virtual tours and homes for advertising purposes, I've shot over 1000 homes. In 2010 I started working with models to develop the skills needed to work with individuals and groups. I'm flexible in locations, I've driven a few hours to get to a shooting location, climbed mountains and walked long distances to get to a good spot. I'm available during the week and occasionally on Sunday.

Proimages Communications

Darrin Nupuf

Los Angeles, United States

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Darrin Nupuf was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. He began his art career in early 1985 exploring a passion for photography and design. In 1986 he started Progressive Images offering illustration, color separation, silk screen, and design services. Darrin also worked in the print industry as a dark room technician.

Darrin soon started working in the motion picture industry as a set decorator and Sign-

writer Local 729. Progressive Images evolved into prop-making and 3D animation boutique. At this point in his career he become immersed in high-end 3D and motion graphic design.

In 1995 Progressive Images evolved into Proimages and began offering advanced design and Photography.

Monica L. Armstrong, Photography & Video

Monica Armstrong

Nashville, United States

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I have been a Professional Photographer since 2000. I have shot Weddings, models, family portraits, events, landscape, subject, some advertisement, and for the last six years have been shooting real estate.

ME Photography

Marcel Eskenazy

Los Angeles, United States

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Marcel Eskenazy is a Santa Monica based freelance commercial photographer who's work encompasses everything from architecture, products, high-end virtual tours to fine-art images. His artistic background, eyes for detail, and instinct for design creates the synergy needed to take your photography to the highest level.

Clients include: Coors Beer, Entrepreneur Magazine, Golds Gym, Hilton Hotels, In & Out Burgers, NBC and so on. 

His professional, amiable demeanor with clients and years of experience will assure you a comfortable and successful shoot.

Dynamite Studio, Inc.

Lindsay Widdall

Deland, United States

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Dynamite Studio, Inc. is made up of two equally awesome photographers, Kellie Warren and Lindsay Widdall. They were put on this earth to create, document and produce unique imagery that tells a great story. Some people describe them as awesome; like their mom's.

But let's be serious for a second. Kellie & Lindsay bring their own brand of dedicated passion to their work. When the two of them combined forces it created something explosive and Dynamite Studio was born. They take each day as a new chance to create; and show others what they see. They feel they are the luckiest people in the world.

Black Mountain Pictures

Lawrence Montenegro

El Paso, United States

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I've been shooting professionally for over 5 years. I am a graduate from the New York Institute of Photography. I do product photography, weddings, events, on-site event/action photography along with on-site printing, landscapes, animals, people, sports, portraits. Most of my landscape and animal/nature shots are from Southwest New Mexico and West Texas.


Alan Meeks

, United States

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I LOVE Photography, I shoot weddings, wildlife, models, FASHION, Lifestyle, Product, PETS.

All your Photography needs, "LET ME FOCUS ON YOUR IMAGE"

Perception Images, LLC

Virginia Santora

Sayreville, United States

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I provide professional photographic services, specializing in children, families, newborns, engagements, weddings, headshots, pet photography (classical, posed or action, or as part of the family portrait), event photography, & product shoots. I have studied with top professional photographers thru in-person seminars, webinars, on-site classroom training in Photoshop, as well as countless books & DVDs. My company, Perception Images, LLC, is a boutique enterprise; I accept limited commissions to be able to provide 100% undivided attention to my clients. I will travel to you for in-home portraiture, or a location outdoors of your choice. I can also provide a studio setting, if you prefer. I have a multitude of props, backdrops, & accessories from which you can select for your session.

Stanley Rowin Photography

Stanley Rowin

Boston, United States

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Stan Rowin lives and works in the Boston Metro area. His work spans a variety of subjects from nuclear power plants to athletic shoes, surgery to bank annual reports, iconic scientists to ironic musicians. He brings a marketing background with an M.B.A.

from Boston University to help your brand.

Tom Uhlman Photography

Tom Uhlman

Cincinnati, United States

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I enjoy shooting a wide range of subjects, from news and sports to wildlife a portraits. I've been freelancing since 1989 and clients include The AP, Reuters, The New York Times, Cicny Business and Ohio Magazines, book publishers such as Houghton Mifflin, Harcourt, and Chicago Review Press. I have a large stock portfolio of over 80,000 images with coverage of East Africa, the Caribbean, and much of the US. Video production is a large part of my work flow also and I can cover the complete process of the production from shooting to editing the final product.

Dilworth Fine Art

David Dilworth

Carmel , United States

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Industrial (51)

Infrared (9)

Insect (57)

Interior (61)

Landscape (169)

Leisure (56)

Lifestyle (76)

Lingerie/swimwear (20)

Literature/author (10)

Macro (60)

Magazine (63)

Marine/marine Life (26)

Medical (27)

Military (15)

Mining (1)

Model (44)

Mountaineering (24)

Music (39)

Nature (152)

News (27)

Night (47)

Nude (25)

Occult/paranormal (4)

Packshot (2)

Panoramic (53)

Passport Photo (5)

People (109)

Pet (61)

Photojournalism (70)

Pinhole (1)

Polar (5)

Politics (18)

Portrait (104)

PR (30)

Pregnancy (19)

Product (60)

Real Estate (56)

Relationships (25)

Religion (30)

Reportage (17)

Royalty (5)

School (7)

Science (31)

Shopping (8)

Special F/x (10)

Sports (63)

Still Life (73)

Stock (130)

Studio (49)

Tabletop (49)

Television (8)

Theatre (19)

Time Lapse (14)

Transport (25)

Travel (150)

Underwater (10)

Video (21)

War/conflict (5)

Weather (40)

Wedding (51)

Wildlife (99)

Winter Sports (26)

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