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Medicine Madison

Medicine Madison

Medicine Madison

Bucuresti, Romania

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I am a photographer and visual artist based in Bucharest, Romania. I graduated in 2015 from the Photography and Video department of the National Arts University in Bucharest, specializing in photography. I have been photographing mostly architecture in European countries (Romania, Italy, Greece, Austria, Slovenia) but also plants and animals as well as other interesting sights in the cities in which I have travelled since 2006. I also have experience in concert photography and portraiture, having worked for a record label as a photographer and art director.

Bogdan Mihai Photography

Bogdan Mihai

Bogdan Mihai

Oradea, Romania

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I live in Transylvania.

Mihai Constantinescu Photography

Mihai Paul Constantinescu

Mihai Paul Constantinescu

Cluj-Napoca, Romania

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I am a nature photographer, mountain climber and I'm traveling a lot in Romania and also the rest of the Europe, Asia and North America.

Opreanu Roberto Sorin Photography

Opreanu Roberto Sorin

Giurgiu, Romania

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My name is Sorin.

I'm from Giurgiu in Romania.

Ureche Marius Liviu Photography

Ureche Marius Liviu

Timisoara, Romania

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My name is Marius Liviu Ureche, i live in Romania and i study Architecture. My hobbies are: architecture, music, painting, (i also gratuated School of Arts and Crafts, Painting Department) and photography

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