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Aveiro (1)

Aveiro (1)

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Rui Pires Photography

Rui Pires

Aveiro, Portugal

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Documetary and Humanist photographer. Documentary videomaker.

Graduate in Professional Photography by New York Institute of Photography

Diplm. Image Evaluation by Photographic Socieaty of America

Diplm. Advanced Photography by Photographic Society of America

Social Researcher, Historian

Documentary Photography Instructor

UNESCO/CFPA "documentary award 2013"

UNESCO/Alfred Fried Award 2014

More than 50 other photography awards. Exhibitions in New York, London, Milan, Paris, Baghdad, Marrakech, Viena, Copenhagen and many other cities.

Specialist in documentary photography and video and travel photography.

Works with many NGO┬┤s and Gov. institutions related social research and contemporary issues documentary.

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