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blue star Robert Leon Photographer

Robert Leon

Robert Leon

Vancouver, Canada

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Vancouver Canada based photographer with 33-years professional working experience specializing in documentary photography, photojournalism, travel-photojournalism, corporate annual reports, advertising photography and film/video.

blue star Karen Ulvestad Photography

Karen Ulvestad

Karen Ulvestad

Seattle, United States

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Karen Ulvestad is a freelance photographer with over 25 years of experience shooting nature and people. She skillfully translates her vision to the photographic image through her knowledge of composition and exposure.

She skillfully translates the natural world and its interactions with the urban environments in her images. Her passion is birds and their unique challenges with depleted environments and global warming issues.

Her work includes panoramic, landscape, wildlife, and people interacting with the natural world. Currently, she is working on a book project about birds and their habitat.

She has assisted or led classes and workshops since 1995 (ranging from beginning skills to specialized skills in photography). She speaks at regional bird festivals.

blue star IndyFoto

Linda Dawn Hammond

Linda Dawn Hammond

Toronto, Canada

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Linda Dawn Hammond MFA 1996, Toronto based Professional Freelance Photographer/Journalist, Will travel.

Languages: English, French & German.

Canadian and UK citizen Extensive photo archives 1976-NOW.

Expertise Politics & Arts (cinema, music, dance, writers) Accred.

Official Photographer at cultural events- media/film/ festivals/awards (MWFF, MJFF, Playback Hall of Fame at TIFF, MTL Writers Fed., PRIDE Toronto) Political events include Quebec Summit/Pope & Dalai Lama visits/Oka Crisis/GMO/AIDS/Gay/Middle East conflict/Iraq war demos.

Use digital SLR & analog 35mm, Medium Format & 4" by 5",with flash/studio/available light. Excellent Photoshop retouching/illustration.

A photo-based Fine artist, I've participated in solo & group exhibits in Canada/UK, taught U.

blue star Frank Nowikowski Photography

Frank Nowikowski

Frank Nowikowski

Mexico City, Mexico

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Professional photographer with many years of experience.

Editorial work has appeared in publications like: National Geographic, Photography magazine Amateur Photographer, Practical Photography, South, Stern (Ger), National Enquirer, Geographical magazine, Bild (Ger), Music Teacher (Aus), Sun, Business Mexico, The News (Mex), Buenos Aires Herald, Latin Trade, The Scotsman, Daily Record, Scottish Field, In Britain, The Lady, Saga, Business Traveler, Executive Travel, Healthy Living, Animal World, Environment Now, WWF News and in numerous books.


Sylvia Dallas

Sylvia Dallas

Greater Portmore, Jamaica

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For the last seven years I have worked hard at honing my craft. I am a self-taught photographer who keeps up to date on technology related to my chosen field of photography and self-publishing.

My mission statement: to record accurately through poetry and photography my vision of the world around me, that piece of our culture that will become history, to see in the mundane something extraordinary and to display it to the world.

The pictures displayed here represent a cross section of my work (from the exclusive editions to the stock photography - enjoy


Raffi Raffi

Raffi Raffi

, United States

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My background in fine arts and the years exposed to many modalities of art gives me the understanding of visuals, and how they impact viewers. I started out in photo by doing computer graphics and retouching 20 years ago. Past 13 years I have taken on photography as my main profession.

If you can't envision whats going to happen or have the experienced foresight before an image is made, you can easily fumble the end product. This is where experience is king.
One key reason I differ from the average photographer is that I take each project on as a new opportunity in image making. Although photographers develop a sense of style over the years of repeated work, I don't shoot in a formulated manner, rather approach each job uniquely.
I photograph because I love to make great images. That's always my #1 aim. Its what I have loved doing since I was a kid, and its what I will continue to do for the rest of my life.

Photographic Art

Peter J Crowley

Peter J Crowley

Olympia, United States

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Seeking the Highlight

Since 1971 I've worked as a photographer, always striving to locate and share what's good in life.

All anyone really photographs is light. The subject is merely a vehicle to transform the light into an emotion.

The marketplace is filled with images that are created electronically or that are manipulated later (found) in the darkroom. The image I create is in the viewfinder. It is a way of seeing - interpreting light and movement in this space. The point of creation is when I click the shutter. What I share with the viewer is this moment, this deliberate act of seeing, this dancer moving in this space, that flower against the skin. I try to show more of the performer in ordinary people doing ordinary things, presenting life itself as a performing art, where everyday details momentarily exist as aesthetic forms embodying ideas and emotions.

Digital Image Now

Sandy Tyler

Sandy Tyler

Poughkeepsie, United States

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I have been photographing images for over 30 years. I am a graduate of the New York Institute of Photography in New York,New York. I photograph events in New York and surrounding areas. My recent events have been Saratoga Race Tracks, New York Rodeos and Tourist destinations including Empire State Plaza and Bash Bish and Niagara Falls. I have many images of rural America including farm scenes, Americana and everyday life in upstate New York. I also have many travel photos including Florida,Canada and Bershires. I have recently enjoyed macro photography photographing insects of North America. I am available for assignments in the United States.

George Wilson Photography

George Wilson

George Wilson

Orlando, United States

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Born and raised in Boston, Massachusetts, it was not until adulthood that George Wilson made Central Florida his home. Growing up in a family where paintbrushes, artists and galleries were commonplace, he picked up a camera at an early age never looking back. George traveled in Europe as an exchange student during high school with a camera recording the journey. These images produced his first major photography award from the Boston Globe Newspaper Company. His professional career soon brought editorial work with organizations such as: The Springfield Union News, The Associated Press, The Chapel Hill News and The Gold Leaf Farmer. It was here that he was on the front lines for Breaking News, Sports and Feature Photography. He is a member of the NPPA, ASMP and NANPA

McGinity Photo

Trish McGinity

Trish McGinity

Denver, United States

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I started capturing life's amazing moments in 1987 and have continued my photography passion throughout the years both for love of fine art photography and for my commercial customers.

I hope you enjoy my photos as much as I enjoyed creating them!

Caribbean Sees Virgin Eyes

Karl Callwood

Karl Callwood

Charlotte Amalie, United States

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Photographing in the Caribbean since 1982.

500,000 tropical images in stock.

Based in St. Thomas, Virgin Islands, career experience includes graphic and commercial photography for Graphic Arts House and Advertising Agency, newspaper, and government.

Providing stock, images shot to order and photo guide and location services of the island.

Shooting capabilities are aerial, land, on the water and below the water.

PADI certified diver. PADI certification number: 0901037498. Also providing underwater video services.

Pixel-Magic Photography

Dan Tong

Dan Tong

Chicago, United States

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I'm a very versatile photographer with wide ranging interests:

Portrait, Fashion, and Event photography in greater metropolitan Chicago (IL) area. Candid photography of children & pets

Ethnic-Grocery-Store and Ethnic Food photography.

I also do custom 3D CG (Computer Graphics) Illustrations, and create Faux Art photos. The latter involves putting a client's face into an old 14th century painting or something similar.


Mike Mullen

Mike Mullen

Fremont, United States

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Photographer based in Fremont, California

Alfonso Bresciani Photography

Alfonso Bresciani

Alfonso Bresciani

New Orleans, United States

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A great job of passion and patience has allowed Alfonso Bresciani to succeed in little time to re-invent windsurfing photography and conquering a place on the scene of worldwide reputation photographers. Pompo’s photographs have appeared on the pages of many worldwide magazines, brochures and publications.Pompo has gone still beyond: He has photographed before anyone, the place where the high waves are born, where man had never ridden the surf. This fantastic place called “Jaws” or "Peahi" always remained secretly guarded by the Native Hawaiians. No one was allowed to take risks. Successfully, he arrived on the scene capturing the images on film, which are now part of windsurfing history. Today this photographer of exceptional works resides in Louisiana where he captures its spirit, natura

PhotoGraphic Artistry

Heather Kirk

Heather Kirk

Scottsdale, United States

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Fine Art Photography, Florals, Landscapes, Conceptual

Seeing: At the most basic, yet important level, what I do as a photographer and artist is ¡¥see¡¦.

There are times when a keen sense of presence and beauty invades me. I notice details, patterns, edges, contrast, or intense color; subtleties that at other times loiter as meaningless trivia, or just another span of dirt and thorns.

Flowers, faces, construction, landscapes. Anything! We become so accustomed to the images in our minds that we hardly look at our surroundings (including individuals) anymore. But we, and all that is around us, are God¡¦s creation, unique and amazing. I want to be a guide, encouraging people to open their eyes and to see deeply.

Michael Burr Photography

Michael Burr

Michael Burr

Los Angeles, United States

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Professional photographer with over 30 years experience shooting products, people, aviation, industrial and corporate subjects for a wide variety of commercial and editorial uses. Proficient working both in the studio and on location using natural and artificial light and with all camera formats from 35mm to 4x5; film and digital.

Lisa Loucks Christenson Publishing, LLC

Lisa Loucks Christenson

Lisa Loucks Christenson

St Paul, United States

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#1 International Bestselling Author, National Award-Winning Author Wildlife Photographer, Host Lisa's Walk The Talk Show™.

Specialities: Bald eagles, wildlife, animals,food,people travel, lifestyles, Americana, nature, wildlife, documentary.

Lisa's Bald Eagle Documentary™

Photo collection includes: 1000+ Historical photos beginning in 1890, 20,000 B&W, 940,000 color.

Clients: A Lot of Fun and Games


Allured Publishing

Career World

Christian Schools International






Grolier, Inc.

Harcourt Brace


HCBI /Marnach House



Holt, Rinehart Winston

HSUS/Kind News



KAAL /Winter Bugs! Kirschoff/ Wohlberg

Laura Jean Zito Photography

Laura Jean Zito

Philadelphia, United States

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Location, Portraits, Film Stills, Architectural Interiors and Exteriors, Artwork, Product Shots, Fashion and Beauty, Landscapes, Photoshop, Framing

Skip Dean: Photographer

Skip Dean

Toronto, Canada

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Skip Dean is a professional photographer from North America, living in Toronto,Canada.

Skip has work for over 20 years specializing in Food / Beverage, Medical, photography for design firms and advertising agencies.

Skip Dean:Photographer and our PhotoStock library has close to 17,000 images on file covering areas such as: food and beverage, still life,lifestyles and animals.

KOZ Digital Photography & Imaging

Bob Kozel

Chicago, United States

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I am a freelance photographer located in the Chicago Area. I have 35+ years as a pro shooter for many pro sports and travel and tourism outlets, I have been internationally published. All of my images reflect the passion I have for photography. I have traveled to 24 different countries. I love diversity. I have tried to document ALL types of cultures, animals, and people. I am willing to travel ANYWHERE for that great image.

Prints of my images are reasonably priced, and shipped anywhere. Please contact me with any questions you may have.

I use Nikon Digital D300 and D200 cameras and have the capability to print on location up to 16x20 inches. We also have the facilities and equipment to produce large format prints, 60 in x 100 feet.

Francois Bergeron Photographe

Francois Bergeron

Montreal, Canada

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I am a professional photographer specialized in event photography (wedding and corporate). I have also experience with corporate portrait, TV stills, dance, travel photography.

David N. Lee Photography

David N. Lee

, United States

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David N. Lee has been creating nature and outdoor action images since age 12. Based in Helena, Montana, David has easy access to Yellowstone and Glacier National Park, and some of the most scenic mountain wilderness areas in North America.

David has a Masters in Biology. His science background enables him to create nature and wildlife images that tell the story of his subjects and convey the meaning to his audience. David combines his photography skills with writing, and has authored dozens of newspaper and magazine features.

Irene Abdou Photography

Irene Abdou

Washington, United States

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I come from the world of humanitarian aid & international development, first getting my start in as a Peace Corps Volunteer in West Africa, where I lived in a mud hut with a straw roof in a tiny village of 40 people and later in a small town of 10,000. Without running water or electricity, I cooked on a portable burner hooked up to a small cannister of gas. I perfected my French language skills and picked up Fulfulde and Djerma. After 3 1/2 years in Niger, I returned to the Washington, DC area, eventually moving back to Africa to spend 2 years in South Sudan living in a tent. I began to work professionally as a photographer in late 2007. Since then, my photography has been recognized, published, and exhibited by numerous organizations. I am available for assignments around the world.

Black Mountain Pictures

Lawrence Montenegro

El Paso, United States

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I've been shooting professionally for over 5 years. I am a graduate from the New York Institute of Photography. I do product photography, weddings, events, on-site event/action photography along with on-site printing, landscapes, animals, people, sports, portraits. Most of my landscape and animal/nature shots are from Southwest New Mexico and West Texas.

Miron PhotoArt

Miron Abramovici

Berkeley Heights, United States

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I am an award-winning photographer (see a partial list of awards below) and I was selected as the NJ Artist of the Month for January 2011. My skills span a wide spectrum, from abstract and surrealism to portraits and model portfolios.

I am a volunteer photographer for Special Olympics - a world-wide organization dedicated to helping people with intellectual disabilities to succeed in life by involving them in sport activities - and Flashes of Hopes - an organization helping children with cancer. I am also available for weddings and other events.

Travel Scenes By Tommie Sue

Tommie Sue Montgomery

Toronto, Canada

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Photography began as a hobby, became an important adjunct to my research in Latin America, and has become a near-vocation in retirement. Most photos in my books, notably "Revolution in El Salvador", are mine. They have also illustrated travel and other articles. In recent years I have traveled through most of Latin America--from Mexico to Cape Horn--as well as most countries of western Europe, eastern Canada, and occasionally the USA. My portfolio reflects all of these locales. I love capturing people, archaeological sites, wildlife(especially birds), landscapes, and interesting buildings. I use a Nikon D-90 with 4 lenses. Jan-March 2012 in northwestern Argentina, Brazil from south to north, and the western Caribbean. Dec 2012-Jan 2013 Southern Cone, Caribbean, Panama, Ecuador and Peru.

Sargent Stock Image Resource

Gary Sargent

Richmond, United States

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In addition to our own photograhpy, we act as an agent for numerous other photographers.

If you have specific photographic needs please contact us.


Our photography studio offers a wide variety of photographic services. The services include, but are not limited to: stock photography nature photography architectural photography macro photography annual reports photojournalistic assignments commercial travel photography custom assignments

RockALittle Photography

Fred Moore

Toronto, Canada

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Toronto Photographer specialized in Glamour, portrait, nudes, private photoshoots capturing the "Sexy" side of all subjects. Everyone has beauty bo matter age, size, or looks. It is my photography skills that will capture this in you.

Lora Grigorova Photographer

Lora Grigorova

Oaxaca, Mexico

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A 24 year old photographer and videographer born in Bulgaria, raised in Portugal, educated in Spain and currently residing in Mexico. I do all sorts of photography, but I focus mainly on street-photography, documental photography, fashion photography, candid photography and photojournalism.

The Impressionists

Tyrrell Mendis

Winnipeg, Canada

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My images record what now is and will never be again: specific truths of the moment.

My touring show of pioneer places of worship in Manitoba preserves the spirit of each place; the 2-D extrapolation of the motivation for the 3-D creations.

Over 50 exhibitions, 26 solo. Over 30 AV productions.

Organised multicultural festivals for arts groups.

Published three books of poetry, most recent illustrated with own images.

Dilworth Fine Art

David Dilworth

Carmel , United States

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Industrial (79)

Infrared (10)

Insect (74)

Interior (85)

Landscape (237)

Leisure (76)

Lifestyle (110)

Lingerie/swimwear (32)

Literature/author (15)

Macro (85)

Magazine (89)

Marine/marine Life (36)

Medical (34)

Military (23)

Mining (3)

Model (64)

Mountaineering (30)

Music (55)

Nature (207)

News (44)

Night (72)

Nude (44)

Occult/paranormal (7)

Packshot (4)

Panoramic (70)

Passport Photo (6)

People (154)

Pet (72)

Photojournalism (97)

Pinhole (1)

Polar (9)

Politics (25)

Portrait (150)

PR (38)

Pregnancy (32)

Product (84)

Real Estate (77)

Relationships (33)

Religion (43)

Reportage (30)

Royalty (10)

School (13)

Science (39)

Shopping (13)

Special F/x (15)

Sports (89)

Still Life (105)

Stock (166)

Studio (69)

Tabletop (65)

Television (17)

Theatre (30)

Time Lapse (15)

Transport (36)

Travel (202)

Underwater (14)

Video (29)

War/conflict (10)

Weather (59)

Wedding (69)

Wildlife (139)

Winter Sports (37)

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