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Timothy Wilson Photography

Timothy Wilson

Richmond, United States

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I have been taking pictures seriously for the past 3 years, I favor using HDR in my images to bring out the images full tonal range of colors. My portfolio is mainly concentrated right now on my hometown of Richmond VA, with some images of the outlying areas included

Don Dresden Photography

Don Dresden

Richmond, United States

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I have a deep desire to focus upon the historical event of history as a photographer. The details of the past can contain significant value, thus capturing the landscape of an old war battle or a monument of a fallen soldier. These historical benefactors may have left their footprints with abandoned buildings, written books or ancient sites. I wish to cross the threshold from the past to the present with my photography.

Capturing the human expression and activity using my camera allows me to provide others with the ability to laugh, smile or dream of doing something with their life. Everyone has the desire to leave footprints upon this earth in one form or another. I hope that my photographs will provide some of those feelings.

Sargent Stock Image Resource

Gary Sargent

Richmond, United States

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