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blue star Studio Jan Van Der Woning

Jan Van Der Woning

Amsterdam, Netherlands

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I am an experienced professional photographer, multilingual (6 languages, amongst Spanish) and used to travel in foreign countries and difficult situations. I have worked for WWF, Greenpeace and Readers Digest in Borneo and others in Uganda, Eritrea, and travelled through Antarctic, Alaska, Peru, Bolivia, Mexico, Guatemala, Belize and many more.

Spezializing in 360 degrees Panoramic and Super High Resultion photography.

Jan likes to shoot landscapes and people. He thinks the nicest moment of the day is the twilight zone between sunset or rise and the darkness of the nigth and a lot of his pictures are taken in this short but beautiful period. Jan is very consious how to put a 3 dimensional world in a 2 dimensional photograph.

Van West Photographic Solutions

Arnold Van WEST

Amsterdam, Netherlands

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Please to meet you.

I am an Amsterdam based Photographer with a hotel management education but for over 20 some years I have made a living as a photographer specialized in food,hotel/restaurant and travel Photography.

feel free to visit my website or contact me if you have any question.

wishing you all the best!


Tony Burns Photography

Tony Burns

Tony Burns

Amsterdam, Netherlands

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I’m a freelance travel photographer originally from England and now based in Amsterdam.

I have a passion for travel and enjoy capturing places in an eye-catching and colourful way; from the bustling backstreets of Asia to the spectacular cities of Europe.

I have built a varied collection of images focused primarily on low light scenes; from iconic travel destinations to lesser known places and the people who inhabit them.

My work is represented by Lonely Planet Images and features in travel, editorial and commercial publications around the world.

Maarten Udema Photography

Maarten Udema

Maarten Udema

Amsterdam, Netherlands

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Covering stories throughout the world I have the experience, logistical management skills and sense of humor to get the job done. I have shot for clients that include Heineken International, National Geographic, KLM/Air France Airlines and others.


I have photographed in China, France, India, South Africa, Antarctica, Mexico, the Arctic Region in Canada, Colombia, Panama and about 30 other countries. I specialize in travel, portraits, corporate and people photography.


My passion for the natural world along with my fascination in the life forms that move within it, are the driving force of my inspiration. My inspiration and passion are spiritually based.

We are all One and we need to learn to take care of each other and the planet.

Gerard Kingma Travel And Nature Photography

Gerard Kingma

Gerard Kingma

Amsterdam, Netherlands

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Bio: born 1964, widely experienced freelance photographer.

Core: Fine-art large format landscape photography from the north of The Netherlands.

Services offered: stock sales from archive, decor prints, workshops in composition, Photoshop techniques, large format photography, panoramic photography

Specialises in: panoramic (stiched) photography, large format photography

Richard Wareham Fotografie

Richard Wareham

Amsterdam, Netherlands

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No assignment work


S Majumdar

Amsterdam, Netherlands

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I make autonomous work (generally with the themes landscape, nature - culture interaction) and I take on assignments to provide images for (articles in) magazines or books, short reportages, landscape - architectural / property photography. I also have experience in product photography.

My formal training in photography took place in Amsterdam, fotografische vormgeving (photography and design) at the FOTOFactory.

Errol Sawyer Photography Inc

Errol Sawyer

Amsterdam, Netherlands

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Classic analog photographer with 45 years experience.

Black&White and Color.

Specializing in Women's hair and beauty cosmetics, skin, eyes.

Editorial;Advertising and Catalogue



Location and Studio (I have my own studio and dark room) Children.


Jocelyne Moreau Photography

Jocelyne Moreau

Amsterdam, Netherlands

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Jocelyne Moreau is an award winning French photographer based in Amsterdam. Amongst her clientele you will find magazines, graphic artists, theaters and advertising agencies.

Het work has been collected by various municipal museums in The Netherlands. She had received twice a scholarship from the Association for Plastic Art, Graphisme and Achitecture (Amsterdam).

More specific information can be obtained upon request.

Lighthouse Productions

Dirk Verwoerd

Amsterdam, Netherlands

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With over 30 years of professional experience in the ‘world of photography’, the dutch photographer Dirk Verwoerd (1957) breathes his profession, knowing in a blink of an eye what the best viewpoints are and the optimal light intensity needed to deliver the most exquisite results.

Driven by his passion for architecture, he has specialised himself in archictectural photography for the past twenty years.

With the simplicity and mainly the use of natural light, he strives for capturing the pure essence of what you, the architect, had in mind with your design.

His mission is to consistently provide exceptional value and deliver those pictures which do justice to your work and which strengthen your corporate image.

Dirk Verwoerd is based in the middle of the Netherlands.

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