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Photographic Art

Peter J Crowley

Peter J Crowley

Olympia, United States

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Seeking the Highlight

Since 1971 I've worked as a photographer, always striving to locate and share what's good in life.

All anyone really photographs is light. The subject is merely a vehicle to transform the light into an emotion.

The marketplace is filled with images that are created electronically or that are manipulated later (found) in the darkroom. The image I create is in the viewfinder. It is a way of seeing - interpreting light and movement in this space. The point of creation is when I click the shutter. What I share with the viewer is this moment, this deliberate act of seeing, this dancer moving in this space, that flower against the skin. I try to show more of the performer in ordinary people doing ordinary things, presenting life itself as a performing art, where everyday details momentarily exist as aesthetic forms embodying ideas and emotions.

Natural Settings Digital Imaging And Design

Don Schluter

Olympia, United States

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Thirty years of experience in portrait, wedding, nature, wildlife, underwater, scenic, and landscape photography. I have worked in all formats cameras, but have recently focused on 35mm digital photography in formatting pictures for the public and stock agencies.

My expertise has been directed to nature, scenic, wildlife, macro and underwater photography.

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