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Jacob Roskam Photography

Jacob Roskam

Gold Coast, Australia

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I started professional photography in the 70's as part-time school-photographer. The other part of my time worked in Amsterdam as botanic photographer and learned that there are more orchids as prostitutes in the city. Climbed the photographic ladder into press photography for national papers. In 1985 opened a photostudio an a small town in the Netherlands , photographed all a 'village' photographer has to 'take' . Won 3 times in a row the National wedding photographer title. Migrated in 1996 to Australia and became staff photographer for the ship Batavia for 2 years. Since then focussed more on my own chunk of paradise ( 100 acres farm ) and (landscape ) photography became a hobby. Now back in business with virtual tours , time lapse , panoramas. To busy to retire , that has to wait ;-)

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