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Gary George

Gary George

Falmouth, England

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I love taking photographs of wildlife, especially birds. I have decades of experience in landscape and portrait photography. 45 years ago I went to Australia and New Zealand via The Suez Canal where I took photographs in general on the way, then of the Outback, Sydney and Brisbane. Then on to New Zealand where again I took shots of variouse places around Auckland and Rotorua. After some two and a half years I made my way back to the UK via Fiji, Thahiti, Raratonga, The Cook Islands, The Panama Canal and Bermuda, taking photographs all the way. The old vehicles and places like Kings Cross in Sydney where I first saw Rolph Harris perform 'Jake the peg with an extra leg' now look so very diferent. Wild life, fauna, flora, land, sea and skyscape conservation, are my passion now.

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