Busà Photography

Busà was born in Florence in 1977 and moved early to Berlin to study Architecture. After graduation, he spent several years in New York City as a visiting scholar at Columbia University while researching on the gentrification of Harlem, Coney Island and the Lower East Side, and attending classes at New York's ICP.

Chief editor of "The Urban Reinventors" Online Urban Journal, photographer and reporter for several international magazines, Busà has published extensively in Europe and the US, and is currently based in Berlin.

Busà is fascinated by the layered construction of cities through history. His focus is on editorial photography: urban landscapes, cityscapes, street scenes, portraits, architecture, and documentary photography.


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Berlin, 10119

Recent Clients

  1. Getty Images
  2. Lonely Planet Magazine
  3. Alamy Agency
  4. Imagepoint Agency


Portfolios of example work from Busà Photography: