Bioquatic Photo

Several years of experience with tropical wildlife photography from many locations in the world, including coral reef underwater photo. Bird photography, African safari and wildlife photos, Norwegian nature, flora and fauna, aquarium photos, fish and invertebrate photos and macro/micro photography.

A fascination for our living planet in combinition with a higher education in biology is the driving force behind the interest for nature photography. Specializes in the correct identification of organisms photographed.

An upcomming photosafari to Kenya will be the highlight in 2013. Visit our site to learn more and to view the collection of nature and wildlife images.

Do check out the new microscopic photography section! Enjoy and please do not hesitate to contact Bioquatic Photo!


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Recent Clients

  1. Interpet Publishing, UK
  2. Ultramarine Magazine, UK
  3. Microcosm Books, USA
  4. Freshwater and Marine Aquarium Magazine, USA
  5. Natur & Tier Verlag, Germany