Alex J Velasco

Unique contemporary editorial photography. Cutting edge, candid and street photography.

Subject matter includes street and indoor markets, trade shows, fairs, museums, archaeological sites, shopping, markets, people, street scenes, architecture. Citizens and workers going about their business and photographed in a naturalistic, documentary style.

Subjects mostly located in Turkey, where I spent several years; and India where I live. Also Greek Islands, and European cities such as Berlin, Athens, London, Lisbon and some images of the USA.

Photographs show people and scenes that describe the cultural, social and political context.

Photographs for editorial purposes only. Not for advertising nor commercial purposes. No model releases nor property releases available with any images.


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Agriculture/farming Ancient Civilization Antiquities Archaeology Architectural Automobile/bike Children/baby Documentary Editorial Environmental Issues Festival History Indigenous People Leisure Lifestyle People Photojournalism Portrait Religion Shopping Stock Transport Travel Magazine Reportage