Alexandre Oliveira Photography

I´m a 35 years old freelance photographer, based in Lisbon, Portugal. For the last 9 years I have been publishing articles on the main Portuguese travel magazines and some international ones. My work is mostly on travel, architecture, food photography and portrait, although I have work in many other fields.

I have also been doing both text and photography features.

Through out these years, I have work in a photography studio for publicity clients and I have covered events for Marketing and Communication companies.

I work regularly as a freelance photographer for many magazines in the travel and lifestyle field.


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Food & Drink Interior Landscape Lifestyle Portrait Travel

Recent Clients

  1. Food and Travel Magazine (UK)
  2. Volta ao Mundo Magazine (PT)
  3. Happy Woman Magazine
  4. Luxos Magazine
  5. Happening Agency


Portfolios of example work from Alexandre Oliveira Photography: