A British photographer and designer based in both Italy & UK. Stock images of 20+ years. More recent images appearing here were taken in Europe, but represent only a taste of the various places in which he's traveled.

Alpine timelapse sequences are available.

Commissions have been varied, from shooting a truck alongside the Colosseum in Rome, capturing the atmosphere and delegates at conference ceremonies, a family skiing-holiday shoot in the Alps and capturing the majesty of Chartres Cathedral for a published author. He has provided stock images for many corporate events and art festivals as well as visitor centres and publications for organizations such as The National Trust (UK) & Stelvio National Park (Italy).

Any distance considered, suitcase and passport always on stan

Trentino-Alto Adige

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Recent Clients

  1. Event Marketing Solutions Ltd (UK)
  2. Unicity Srl, Rome
  3. Stelvio National Park, Italy
  4. Philip Ball, London
  5. Random House, London


  1. Gold Award AMI 1996 plus 5 production awards (USA)
  2. 2nd Best of Festival AMV 1994 (Italy)
  3. Gold Award AMI 1996 plus 12 production awards (USA)
  4. BIMA 1999 - Finalist in business Category CD-ROM (London)
  5. Exhibition 2007 - Schlanders (Italy)