Chris Henderson Photography

Experienced commercial & industrial photographer creating image collateral for annual reports, marketing communications and business development.

Creates image content showing people, process, locations.

Construction, architecture, engineering, civil engineering, infrastructure, energy, process, biotech, research, education, healthcare.

Offshore: Marine construction engineering, shipping logistics.

Based in the UK, undertakes commissions worldwide.

Current Certs: Offshore BOSIET, MIST, CA-EBS, HUET, Norwegian Chute,, Medical. Valid Worldwide.
Construction CSCS + Working @ Height.

United Kingdom

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Annual Report Editorial Engineering Industrial Science Transport Commercial Mining


Studio facilities are available.

Studio/post production office with large table-top product / head shot studio.

Recent Clients

  1. EDF Renewables Energy
  2. ING Bank NV
  3. Amey PLC
  4. SSE PLC
  5. VBMS - Boskalis


  1. SUN 27 3x winning image selections
  2. International Colour Award.