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More than 25 years of experience. Started as a photojournalist, moved on to sports and now everything. My portfolio ranges from the above to people, places and things. I am semi-

retired from the film and television industry, live in Italy 7 months each year and I am free to travel anywhere. I have won national and international awards and have been published in national and international magazines and periodicals. I also write.

United States

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Ancient Civilization Art & Artist Documentary Editorial Entertainment Film/video Fine Art History Indigenous People Landscape Lifestyle Music People Photojournalism Sports Travel Weather News Winter Sports

Recent Clients

  1. Michael Carbone Policastro 3 prints for new home.
  2. Art Counsel Gallery Ave Maria FL


  1. One month show of 35 large prints of Italy at the Durango Art Center
  2. American Heritage Society photography competion.