Susan Wiedmann Photography

My longtime specialty is high resolution outdoor photography that captures the magnificence and power of of Mother Nature. I keep my digital adjustments to a minimum, so viewers can get a true idea of what my eyes saw in person. Thousands of images are in my archives, including:

* Dramatic California seascapes, including crashing waves and serene waters.

* Colorful California landscapes, including the glorious hues of spring after winter rains.

* Close-ups of photogenic sea birds, including brightly colored breeding Pelicans.

* Close-ups of photogenic land birds, including elegant Great Blue Herons.

* Close-ups of marine mammals with their pups, including Sea Otters, Sea Lions, and Harbor Seals.

* Macros of flora, including Cymbidium and Paphiopedilum Orchids.

* Distinctive outdoor miscellany.

I also have a journalism background and can deliver a professional article/photo package on a variety of subjects.

Please contact me for further information.

United States

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Portfolios of example work from Susan Wiedmann Photography: