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Innovative images, concept design and technical precision are the hallmarks of my work. I specialize in MULTI-CULTURAL images, Aerial, Advertising, Corporate PORTRAITURE natural & authentic capturing innuendo & unique aspects of people & cultures as well as urban & rural landscapes, scenic environments; Extensive experience shooting still-life, close-up macro and nature photography. My images are useful for museum, educational, editorial, corporate & advertising needs. Please refer to my stock listing page, A Lingering Eclipse Studio, on this website to view more images/information

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Studio facilities are available.

I'm available on short notice for custom photography assignments, traveling as needed anywhere in the world. I'm bi-lingual in English and Spanish, and am comfortable in a variety of social and cultural settings. I'm able to write researched informational as well as interest leisure articles for all-aged markets including juvenile through adult and illustrate with photographs as well as children's books. At home, I have a state-of-the-art digital production studio for digital editing, scanning and large format archival color/b&w prints as well as a complete traditional darkroom for 35 mm & large format custom prints. I have a natural forest environment as well as a complete indoor studio for shooting custom work for individuals, companies or for advertising which includes creating portraits, macro images with high resolution digital cameras, 35 mm and medium format film cameras. Extensive professional art background in design and layout for optimum scene composition and artistic innovation. Extensive professional, work and personal experience as a college teacher of Philosophy and Ethics, a Social Science researcher and (in my early career) as an occupational therapist. I have worked both in the United States and Internationally with people of many other cultures and all aged groups...which often helps me to engage people in conversations about their lives, their hopes and what is important to them. This conversation often helps people to enjoy having their photo taken and can result in relaxed, natural portraits which they can treasure. Hopefully, my photographs offer viewers an insight into individuals, society and other cultures, allowing them to learn from and appreciate exceptionally different lifestyles and very diverse points of view!

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