Vancouver Moments

Manfred Kraus

specializing in ultra high resolution panoramic photography

Born in Munich, Germany, Manfred discovered photography in his teens. In 1968 he came to Canada. Soon Manfred discovered and documented the raw beauty of British Columbia’s landscape. With his extensive experience in film or analog photography, he embraced digital photography and began turning photographs into paintings through software and printing Giclées on canvas. With his newest robotic panorama photo equipment, Manfred creates super high resolution stitched photos capturing the spectacular Vancouver cityscape and other popular mountain nature scenes, which are capable of being transformed into very large prints on canvas or photo paper. These Giclée prints are a fabulous decor item for boardrooms and homes.

British Columbia

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Aerial Nature Panoramic Wildlife

Recent Clients

  1. White Ocean Gallery
  2. GS & Company decor and fine art


  1. TriCity Newspaper front cover
  2. Port Moody studio art walk
  3. Art in Minnekhada Park for 2 years


Portfolios of example work from Vancouver Moments: