Julie Woodhouse Photography

I am a British photographer living to the north of Berlin. I have worked in the industry for over twenty years, supplying images and undertaking assignments for many differing and varied clients. I have supplied images for national newspapers, undertaken product shots, contributed to tourism DVD's and tour guides, websites, calendars, postcards ... the range goes on.

I undertake contracts locally and around Europe.

Ich bin eine britische Fotografin, die zum Norden Berlins wohnt. Ich habe in der Industrie seit mehr als zwanzig Jahren gearbeitet.


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Studio facilities are available.

Small studio for product shots only.

Recent Clients

  1. Oxford University Press
  2. Thomas Cook Travel
  3. Avalon Travel Publishing
  4. Fifth Dimension
  5. Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings


Portfolios of example work from Julie Woodhouse Photography: