Henry Arvidsson Photography

Professional photographer with over 20 years experience around the world. Worked in the Middle East (Iraq, Lebanon, Libya, Syria, Bahrain etc.), USA, Russia, China and of course Europe.

Graduate of the International Center of Photography Photojournalism Program in New York City.

I have always found myself to be welcomed in countries and cultures far from my own.

The Hague
South Holland

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Panoramic People Photojournalism Travel Video War/conflict Reportage


Studio facilities are available.

Studio for People and Products.
Gigapan Pro for Panoramic photography
Underwater photography
Conflict zone and toxic environments (CW) experience
HD pro-video and sound reecording capabilities

Recent Clients

  1. O3, UK
  2. OPCW
  3. Diplomat Magazine
  4. UN
  5. Luciere


  1. PX3 2008


Portfolios of example work from Henry Arvidsson Photography: