Gunther Deichmann Photography

Gunther Deichmann is an internationally multi-awarded Australian photographer.

In March 1983, Time Magazine used on its cover Gunther's shot of “The Great Australian Dry”. In 1985, the IAPP awarded him the Professional Landscape Photographer of the Year.

In 1986, he was named by the Bulletin, an Australia magazine, as one of the leading pro. photographers in the country.

In 1985 Savvas Publishing, Australia, published his book, The Territory.

In 1989 Collins Publishers,Australia, published his book, Northern Images.

Major stories for Animan Magazine in Switzerland. The Philippines, Mekong River, Australian Aborigines,& Australia.

He was featured in a documentary titled Visions in the Making, broadcast on ABC(Australia) 1982 to 1985 - 14 merit awards in Australia from the IAPP

Central Luzon Region

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Recent Clients

  1. India Tourism
  2. Palau Tourism, PVA Micronesia
  3. Werdenberg Corporation
  4. Heritage Suite Hotel Cambodia
  5. Palau Pacific Resort, Palau Micronesia


  1. 1982 to 1985 - 14 merit awards from the AIPP (Australia)
  2. 2009 Power Mac Center, Apple
  3. 2009 Hyatt Int. Hotel
  4. 1985 - Australian Professional Landscape Photographer of the Year.
  5. Published in 2006 hard cover book