Gregory Johnston Photography

My photographic style closely resembles my life and my character. It shows a simple truth, an uncluttered and simple truth that shows the inner beauty of life around me. Sometimes it is easier to see the truth in others than it is in yourself. My photography is an attempt at capturing the simple truth in myself through the lens.

1. Published in various regional and national magazines.

2. Both images accepted in Juried competition for Art on the Green in Coeur d'Alene, ID to be held August 2013

3. Sell to stock agencies around the country and parts of the world.

4. Made cover of music group's (Space Pimps) CD.

5. Sports Photography.

6. Lifestyle, Nature, landscape, food, fine art, concept, and wildlife stock photography

Coeur d'Alene
United States

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Advertising Agriculture/farming Animal Architectural Birds Black And White Business Children/baby Corporate Digital Documentary Editorial Educational Emotions Environmental Issues Family Life Fashion Festival Fine Art Flower & Plant Food & Drink Garden/gardening Geology Health/fitness History Home Life Horse/equestrian Indigenous People Industrial Insect Interior Landscape Leisure Lifestyle Nature Panoramic People Politics Portrait Product Relationships Religion Sports Still Life Stock Tabletop Travel Weather Wildlife Commercial Event Macro Magazine Model Pet Real Estate Studio Abstract


Studio facilities are available.

Small scale facilites with 7 studio lights and mixture of softboxes and umbrellas. White or black backdrops. Various food backgrounds. Use of water photography. Small scale studio shots of people. No more than three.

Recent Clients

  1. Space Pimps music group.
  2. Radiant Lake Triathlon.
  3. Chess Life for Kids magazine.