Dave Porter Photography

I have been a Professional for 11 years starting off with Landscapes and Social photography, then after extensive training moved into Weddings, Portraits, Commercial, Travel and Tourism. I now have a client base which provides me with a work load that is ever expanding. Supplying the UK Tourism Industry gives me the scope for Landscapes, People, Places, Events and Festivals from around the UK, and now further afield as i am expanding into European Travel. Natural History is an aspect of my work that i am beginning to specialise in, Insects, Flowers, Fungi, Trees and Pattens are just some of the subjects. Transport is another market i specialise in, Trains, Traffic images, some Ships and Boating, Generic images and Accidents. Please have a look at my web site for samples of images i produce.


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Advertising Agriculture/farming Annual Report Automobile/bike Aviation Birds Black And White Boat & Ship Business Children/baby Corporate Craft Digital Documentary Editorial Educational Environmental Issues Exploration Family Life Festival Fish & Fishing Flower & Plant Food & Drink Garden/gardening Geology Health/fitness Home Life Horse/equestrian Industrial Insect Interior Landscape Leisure Lifestyle Marine/marine Life Mountaineering Nature Panoramic People Photojournalism Portrait Product Still Life Stock Tabletop Transport Travel Weather Wedding Wildlife Commercial Event Macro Magazine Night Pet Real Estate Studio Reportage Adventure Racing PR


Studio facilities are available.

Mobile Studio, backgrounds, lights, props.

Recent Clients

  1. Fenland District Council
  2. Derbyshire Dales District Council
  3. ATM Transport Library
  4. BTA, Visit Britain Picture Library
  5. Rail Magazine


  1. 5 top awards in Peterborough Exhibition