Chris Carille Photography

I specialize in wildlife (flora & fauna) photography. I can travel and backpack to isolated and exotic destinations for photo shoots. I also shoot landscapes, cars, food/drink, and weddings.

I also have no problems working with venomous and/or dangerous species.

New York State
United States

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Recent Clients

  1. Tom & Cindy Sherilla - wedding
  2. Herp Nation Magazine - photography/writing
  3. IRCF's Reptiles & Amphibians Magazine - photography/writing
  4. Scales & Tails Magazine - photography/writing


  1. Babycakes Cafe
  2. Karma Lounge
  3. Cafe Bocca
  4. La Bella Bistro
  5. Karma Road Cafe


Portfolios of example work from Chris Carille Photography: