Caryn B. Davis Photography

Caryn B. Davis is a seasoned photographer and published writer with a studio in scenic Chester, Connecticut. Her images and articles have appeared in more than 60 magazines.

She enjoys working with a wide variety of editorial, commercial, corporate and non-profit clients.

She began her career in the visual arts 27 years ago as a Producer/Writer of television documentaries – an experience that enhanced Caryn’s ability to tell compelling stories through imagery. As an avid world traveler to over 38 countries, she enthusiastically and artistically photographs people, places, and things at home and abroad.

United States

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Studio facilities are available.

Full service studio in Chester, CT

Recent Clients

  1. Zoom International (Italy, US, Spain, France, UK)
  2. American Profile Magazine
  3. New England Boating
  4. Anthem
  5. Early Homes